Why You Need to Use Backlinks for Your Website

Thu, Oct 13, 2011, by Andrew Handley

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Whether you own a website or a blog, backlinks are one of the cornerstones of bringing in new traffic and getting a higher rank in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Whether you own a website or a blog, backlinks are one of the cornerstones of bringing in new traffic and getting a higher rank in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Backlinks can also be used for articles, believe it or not, so if you want to bring more views to your Triond articles you should use this simple technique.

What Are Backlinks?

Simply put, backlinks are hyperlinks on a website that point to another website with the intention of increasing SEO visibility of the target page. Okay, maybe not so simply put, but here’s an example. This is a link to an article on ways to stay healthy at work. That link right there is a backlink. When Google or Yahoo or any other search engine ranks pages, they look at the number of backlinks that point to that page. The way they see it, if a page has a lot of people linking to it, it must be pretty popular, so more people should be able to see it. Boom, it moves up in the rankings.

Some companies invest thousands of dollars a month building thousands and thousands of backlinks for their websites. The reason they need so many is that usually they are vying for very competitive keywords, a concept we’ll discuss in a second. The more do-follow backlinks you have the better the chances your site will rank.

Types of Backlinks:

Do-follow – this link can be crawled by search engine spiders and counts as a backlink. Some websites disable this to prevent link spamming

No-follow – opposite of do-follow, this link cannot be crawled and only people can click through to your site.

Anchor Text and Keywords

When you’re building backlinks, it’s really important to pay attention to the anchor text of the link. In the example above, “this is a link” was the anchor text. What you want to do is use an anchor text that is also a keyword you are trying to rank for. For example, if I said “check out this link on staying healthy at work,” I would be using a strong, targeted keyword as my anchor text. The more I have of those, the better chance I’ll have of appearing when someone searches for “staying healthy at work” in Google.

The Google Keyword tool is a great way to find useful keywords that don’t have a lot of competition (competition= other people trying to use the same keyword for their websites). Here’s an in-depth post on how to use Google Keyword Tool that you can use (see what I did there?). I talk about the keyword tool in Step 1: research keywords.

Send me a message on my Triond account if you have any questions about backlinks.

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