The World’s Highest Paid Web Designers

Tue, Jan 24, 2012, by Laramore

Web Design

We all know that there are certain careers that can be more lucrative than others. In the modern world, any skills related to technology and the internet are well rewarded. This includes web design. We investigate some of the highest paid designers.

London web designers typically earn more simply because they are based in London and the prestige of being based in the capital city is enough draw for some clients. But this doesn’t mean that just because a web designer or design agency has a London address it is the best option. Web design Devon can be just as good quality if not better! A typical London agency charges anything from £1500 upwards for a simple web site… and they will certainly have all of the best software and resources in place to make their jobs as easy as possible. So if they can churn out a simple site in a day or less…. that’s £1500 per day… £7500 per week… salaries in excess of £75k are realistic! 

USA web designers – go to Silicon Valley and you’ll find some of the most lucrative design and internet based companies in the world. With companies like Google having their huge headquarters there, it’s the place to be for any business looking for prestige and the best possible address in the world wide web world. Individual US designers work on projects for companies like Disney, eHarmony, Mattel…. basically all of the huge brands with even bugger budgets. 

Freelance web designers – freelance web designers have the flexibilty of being able to charge pretty much what they like. If a project is going to take up most of their time, for months at a time, they can charge thousands, but may well be able to fit smaller projects in between to build up extra income. A Devon web design company doesn’t have to stay put in Devon all the time though –  the flexibility to be able to work 24 hours a day from any part of the world and the job sounds like a cushty one. 

This list wouldn’t be complete without Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook. We all know he is a billionaire, thanks to some hot programming he did at University which has evolved into one of the most famous and most used websites of all time. 

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