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Mon, Jul 9, 2012, by h20ho

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When you write an article there are two major tasks you need to consider. One is to write the article and the second is where to publish it so you can earn $15 from it.

When you write an article there are two major tasks you need to consider. One is to write the article and the second is where to publish it so you can earn $15 from it.

Writing an article requires a focused routine approach. The first thing you need is a keyword to write about. For the purposes of this article the keyword is ‘Pokemon’. Even though you might not know much about Pokemon, it gets 55,600,000 global searches in Google a month with low competition and could lure some hits from Google.  Check out h20ho’s Top 35 Keywords on Google for July 2012 (Low) for the best current keywords.  In your article editor place the keyword Pokemon at the top of your article and press enter a few times.

Focus on 3 tropics for the article.  Find topics by searching Google for ‘Pokemon Articles’ and see what others are writing about Pokemon. The results return many links and some ideas for topics. Some Ideas directly from Google are retro, pop culture, history, Japanese funny stories about the last show airing and etymology.

After viewing couple links, more specific topics are found, such as, ‘possibly the largest marketing effort in history of toys’, ‘Multibillion maker for Nintendo’, ‘Red and blue flashing caused 12,000 Japanese experienced various disorienting illness with 618 actually having to go to the hospital for nausea and seizures’, Pokemon Facts, Anime Characters, 2 kids jump thinking they have superhuman powers in Turkey, and the list goes on and on. I only need three topics to talk about.

Pokemon Jet (Ohana Jumbo & Pikachu Jumbo) (Photo credit: Haseo)

After viewing resources choose three general topics on Pokemon. You might choose history and facts, cards and controversy. Place the 3 topics under the keyword phrase in your document editor.

Now create your article by writing a paragraph about each topic under each topic title. Research and write each of the 3 paragraphs and then write the concluding paragraph. Write an introduction paragraph with some form of description or hook for the article.

You want the word Pokemon in the article a lot, but not too much. A 3% – 7% keyword density is optimum for Google. This means if your article is 200 words you want the word Pokemon in there 6 to 14 times. For a 500 word article you want Pokemon in there 15 to 35 times. This article is just over 450 words 14 to 32 times would be good. This article’s final product has Pokemon stated 24 times.

Now, you need to submit it where you publish your articles. We all have our own favorites and most will do.

The finished article, Pokemon: Theft, Death and Success

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  1. Derdriu Says:

    H20Ho, It’s particularly helpful how you explain everything, from searching keywords, sifting out the three most effective, and organizing the writing into opener, 3 paragraphs, and closer. Also, I like your explaining keyword density and linking to the finished article.
    Respectfully, and with many thanks for sharing, Derdriu

  2. Lisa Marie Mottert Says:

    Explained brilliantly:) Excellent article! Thanks:)

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