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Sun, Jan 16, 2011, by Jaison619

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This article shows how to earn through the PPC program Adhitz.

                Adhitz is one of the best ad revenue programs.It is also a good alternative for Adsense next to Adbrite.The only qualification is to have a own personal website or blog.They will give 80 % of revenue per ad.That is when a person clicks an ad of Adhitz which is in our website or blog, then automatically, we will be credited 80 % of its revenue.If thousands of people click your Adhitz ads, then calculate the amount of cash that you are going to earn every single day.

               The first thing in this system is to create an Adhitz account.Note that you need atleast medium amount of traffic in your site to get approval.The number of hitz that your website had attained is also an important one.Then only you will get fast and quick approval from them.After registering your Adhitz account, you will become a publisher of their company’s ads.

             There will be many ads such as Text ads, Banner ads etc.You can select from each of them. The ads should blend with your websites and blogs.They will give the ads in the form of text HTML.Be sure to copy them entirely and paste them in your site.After a few hours only, they will appear in your sites and blogs.Hence be patient.You should make others visit and click your ads every day.You can pursue your online friends to do that.

              They can be easily made in the social networking sites.You should also advertise about your websites and blogs to gain some additional traffic.It is also a necessary one to submit your website in the custom search engines.You have upto 7 days to approve an ad.Otherwise Adhitz acts on your behalf and selects them.Some times you will be charged fee after making a sell.

             They will be directly debited from your Adhitz account.The payments are delivered to you through Paypal and Alertpay only since they are the leading online payment processors.The minimum payout amount is $ 10.After 10 days of making the payout, your money will be transacted to you.Hence we will be able to earn some pretty decent cash from Adhitz.


STEP 1 :

             Go to and create an account.

STEP 2 :

             Gain traffic and the number of hits for your websites or blogs.

 STEP 3 :

            Start placing the Adhitz ads in your websites and blogs and get paid! 

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  1. Haman Says:

    hey , i have made the account but i am not getting paid for clicks.
    there r number of clicks by my site .. but adhitz have written 0 …..
    addhitz .. is over now …

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