Google Keywords: Keyword Placement in Articles and Online Content

Tue, Oct 26, 2010, by SharifaMcFarlane

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Google keyword placement will be illustrated in this article with the use of two examples.

Optimize for a Google Search

Google keywords have a lot to do with whether an online article is seen as relevant by search engines and how Google attaches Adsense ads to that content. Google keyword tools are helpful in finding the best key phrases related to a keyword.

Google Adsense ads are a part of the monetization strategy of most Triond writers, since Triond offers writers 50% of the Adsense revenue earned through Adsense ads on their online content. I learn more and more about Google keywords as I write and I experiment with different ways of using that information in my writing.

Triond content writers who do not yet have an Adsense account, will still benefit from using keywords in their article. Using keywords correctly in an article gives the article a higher ranking in the search engines, which means that more people will find the article in a Google search or a search on Yahoo, Bing, and the other search engines.

Keyword placement will be illustrated in this article with the use of two examples. The first example will be a title and introductory paragraph written with Google keyword placement.

Those keywords are not placed as strategically in the second paragraph. The second example has the keywords, but their position will result in other keywords being highlighted ahead of them, which means that the Adsense ads for those keywords are not as likely to show in relation to the article. Fewer Adsense ads related to my targeted Google keyword may show, or none at all.

Keyword Placement-Example Number 1

Decorative Cushions Can Ease Back Pain

Decorative cushions are ergonomic devices. Lower back pain caused by improper posture can cause pain and discomfort for life. Decorative cushions serve two purposes-they help to position the body properly and also add a beautifying element to a work space. Toss pillows are an inexpensive way to add color and stimulation to a room.

Keyword Placement-Example Number 2

How Can You Feel More Comfortable While Writing?

I like to feel comfortable when I am writing for long hours at my desk. While writing, it’s important to be comfortable and feel relaxed. Back pain and damage can be avoided by using proper posture. While sitting for long hours, in order to avoid back pain, some persons find it helpful to use decorative cushions.

This is just one way to do it. Looking at the work of other writers will give writers many ideas on how to place keywords to get the best views and earnings from their articles.

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