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Thu, Feb 3, 2011, by JohnHayabusa

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A great way to earn money on the web.

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So, you probably now about the URL shortening services like bit.ly, etc.

However, what about a shortening service that could earn you money from shortening URLs???


If you’d like that, Ad Fly is just perfect for you!

It’s as simple as it… You short the URLs, and the more the visits you get, the more money you get! So, when you need to shortnen a link(for twitter for example), just go to this site and shortnen the link there, that way, you’ll make money each time your link is visited.

To register, simply go to this link:  http://adf.ly/?id=229159

And the best part is: You can be paid through Pay-Pal!!!

So, if you’re looking to make quick money on the internet, i really reccomend this site!

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