Can Survey Apps Really Earn You Money Just by Using Your iPhone?

Thu, Dec 16, 2010, by theonetaiwan

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Are Survey Apps Really Worth Your Time? Can you really earn money taking surveys on your iphone?

Are Survey Apps Really Worth Your Time?


The ability to give your , earn,opinion for cash has always caught the attention of people of all ages. Most ways to do this are using simple easy to use websites that allow you to take surveys and earn cold hard cash. Though you won’t get rich on this system, many found earning some more cash at the end of the month encouraging. Once the introduction of a survey app appeared on iTunes, now the ability to make money anywhere you are sounds extremely appealing. But the question is, is it really worth your time?


           The answer simply is no. Although it is a great idea, most people’s rewards are disappointment. There are many of apps that claim to have great rewards and many surveys available, but the truth is there isn’t. Either the app has a limit of surveys you can take a day or there are only one or two surveys a month. If you do end up getting a survey available to you (and assuming you are qualified), most give less than a dollar. There is also another catch; you must exceed a certain amount of rewards before you can get paid. This amount is usually around 10 dollars (which it might take nearly a year or more to accumulate!).


Let’s say you do what to see how much money you can make with your iPhone using this method. If you don’t get frustrated with the limits and lack of surveys, you will be sorely disappointed with your rewards or lack of.


The truth is if you want to use your iPhone to earn money with a survey app, do not attempt to. 

            These apps are a great idea, but are impractical. Most say they are still working on growing and accumulating more surveys, but at this point in time there is not enough to even keep a preteen excited. The survey apps are a poor example from their website predecessors. If you really want to earn money through surveys, log onto one of the variety of survey websites and drop your iPhone.

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