Can I Use a Code Generator to Generate Giftcards?

Thu, Jan 5, 2012, by William C. Jefferson

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What giftcard generators really work?

I’m sure you have seen at least one advertisement for an online giftcard generator. Recently, they have been popping up everywhere! They claim that they can create giftcard redemption codes for websites such as, Walmart, Facebook Credits, and others. I have personally tried over twenty of these programs and my results may or may not be what you expected.

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After doing my share of legal research, of course, any such program would be completely illegal; however, so are many things on the internet. The sponsors of these programs have great attorneys (surprise, surprise).

I used several search engines to give me an array of these programs. After the first three days of testing, I had no luck. Every program that I tested either had infected computer malware or was a dead link to complete surveys to gain a code to unlock the software. These programs seemed to be more likely to work so the next two days I worked soley with these type.

Of the 148 programs I tried, none of these worked. After retrieving a code, the software would lock up and delete itself. This happened in about half of the programs. In the other half, I completed survey after survey and signed up for numerous special offers only to be turned down at the end. No code.

My Conclusion

These programs are only a scam and will not give you a code for a free giftcard. You can try a generator program for yourself, but I do not guarantee the results will not harm your computer system.

I hope you can benefit from my huge waste of time and effort! (:

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  1. ittech Says:

    nice observation a niche article

  2. William C. Jefferson Says:

    Thank you for your feedback! There are several sites scamming people into believing that they can use these methods.

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