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These are the top 30 sites that you can view and download manga and anime online for free.

For those that are unfamiliar with the word anime or manga, a rough explaination would be anime is actually Japanese animation while manga is of course Japanese comic. You can search for anime via Youtube but most often the video quality leaves much to be desired or the subtitle are in foreign language that you can’t understand, and the worst part is that sometimes there maybe missing episodes. A simple solution would be going to a site that specifically host anime and manga. Here are a list of the best anime and manga sites on the web

Streaming Anime

  1. Piggymoo A great site with alot of anime selection which can be viewed via streaming online, also available on the site are various tv shows, musics and other services. Check it out, its worth the time.
  2. AnimeWaTaFacts A site specializes in streaming anime. Provide great selection of anime and update frequently.
  3. Get-anime is one of my favourite anime site particularly for its large selection of anime and easy to navigate site. its on this list because the of its “reliability” of its link, the link on this website is checked once in awhile to make sure that they’re still working, so the probability of you getting a dead link is lower.
  4. is a great site offering wide selection of anime available for online viewing. This site also provide a great selection of Asian drama, in particular Japan and Korean drama. Note that this site needs you to create an account though.
  5. Watchanimeonline As the name suggest it is one site that provides lots and lots of link to view anime on the web. It also has an active forum, so if you’re a anime fan its definitely worth it to check out this site from time to time.
  6. Vengeance videos is one site that is special in particular for its easy navigation, it provides a decent selection of anime and it is on this list because the anime selection on this site are hosted by the website themself, you won’t see those pesky megavideo links here which impose a time limit on how long you can view their videos.
  7. Anime venue provides a good list of anime for streaming. its in this list because of its clean user interface
  8. Anime247 provides yet another wide selection of anime.
  9. VP anime provides great anime selection.
  10. Anime Yay although doesn’t provide the largest selection of anime around, it has reliability on its side, so far, I find it quite reliable and the link they provide are usually good to go.
  11. Crunchyroll is one of my favourite site on the list, it has a great selection of anime and the user interface is nice, its web player also stream quite smoothly, it also has a large asian drama selection.
  12. HimuraKaoru has one of the largest selection of anime and japan drama around, although the sites interface feels clunky and be prepared to dig deep for your favourite anime.
  13. Anime-sensei scored high in my list because of its ease of use and it also provides the option for use to stream or download the anime online.
  14. Vietxanime provides a great selection of anime for streaming, although you need a membership to log in to the site.
  15. AnimeFUEL has one of the largest selection of anime around, chances are you can find what you want here if its not in the other site.
  16. Anilinks is one of the biggest sites in terms of selection, it has cool user interface and its ease of use makes it one of my favourite anime site around.
  17. Otaku-streamer as the name suggest, has a large anime selection for streaming.

Anime Download

  1. AnimeEDEN one of the best anime sites around providing large selection of high quality anime to download in addition providing multiple download links to the anime. It also provide the user the ability to download a large manga selection.
  2. Animeupload is one site that gives its user the flexibility to view their anime online or download them into their own computer. Other than its wide anime selection, it is hailed for its active community. Did I mentioned they have J-drama too?
  3. realityLAPSE provides a large selection of anime, movies, manga and music for download. The speed of download is fairly fast according to my experience.
  4. Nihonomaru anime network is alot of stuff pack into one, anime and manga download are just some of them, have patience and you will dig up alot more.
  5. Animefever is yet another treasure island for anime waiting for you to dig up similar to Nihonomaru anime network.


  1. Mangarun provides a lot and I mean a lot of manga for viewing.
  2. Mangavolume is has one of the largest manga selection around and they update frequently.
  3. Onemanga is THE manga site of my choice, because they update the most frequent and update the fastest. 
  4. Mangafox also rank highly in my list because of large selection of manga and frequent update.
  5. Animephile! has a great selection of manga.

Note that the arrangement of these sites are in no particular order

Any queries or comments are welcomed.

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  1. Animecrazygirl Says:

    Hi – of all the sites for streaming anime listed, I prefer Otaku streamers the best as they dont have any annoying ads!

  2. Mark Says:


    VietXAnime closed a while ago, they’re now going by

    Just letting you know, if you feel like changing it. ;)


  3. Delicious Manga Says:

    You forgot to add Delicious Manga

  4. Gee Says:

    Another good site is Ten Manga, for some of our favorite Japanese exports! One Manga closed down. Pocky Rocker has anime and comics read left to right.

  5. AnimeFreak12131 Says:

    Otaku-streamers is an amazing streaming site!! cant believe there exists such a site where there are no ads and has such a huge selection of anime to choose from. Not only that, it has such a nice community who always gives good recommendations ^^

  6. watch anime episodes Says:

    Good list these site are great however some of there ads and content redirect me to malware sites.

  7. monkey Says:

    OS rocks!!!

  8. Hani Says:

    i agree.. otaku-streamers is the best site for streaming anime.. it has a vast choices of anime and dramas.

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