Top 10 Websites to Stream and Watch Videos Online: No Download Necessary!

Wed, Apr 29, 2009, by Routledge


Been looking for reliable places to watch your favorite movies?

  1. MegaVideo-The biggest downside to MegaVideo is the 72 minute watch limit. However the only thing required is viewing a single popup to watch an entire movie! To watch any movies free online under 72 minutes MEgaVideo is probably the best source out there! A second and less serious downfall is that they are getting shut down on a regular basis for a day or so at a time, which is at times frustrating!
  2. TV Shack- TV Shack isn’t a hosting network it is merely a sharing source. You can view most any movie on one source or another or it will list multiple sources if one doesn’t work or is buffering too much, I would say second best online because it encompasses all the websites for your viewing ease!
  3. Eat Lime- This website is similar to youtube although it has full length films with no ads! It is amazing!
  4. Zshare- A giant file sharing website not geared towards movies but allows streaming online of files including films and music.
  5. Side Reel- This site is similar in nature to TV shack in finding movies you can stream or download online for free! It does not host the movies you are streaming on its own age however it links you to another website but also gives you multiple streaming sources for your selected movie.
  6. My Theater- My theater is an ok website, not the best and the biggest downfall is it is a Zango required application which is seriously not cool but the website itself is sound!
  7. Bang Video Bang- As you have probably guessed a random chinese video site which can be navigated by english speaking people!
  8. Momomesh- Is one of the internets most popular websites, it has a lot of good quality movies for us to stream!
  9. Hulu- This website is amazing you can stream any movie, you can watch any Television show, anything at all! The only problem with streaming with Hulu is you have to be American or hack your IP address, neither are very desirable! (joking haha)
  10. Stagevu- Stagevu I believe has every movie ever made! It loads it up and generally is fast and a very recommended site to stream video on!
  11. Movie-Link- Movie Link is a newer site with much higher quality movies. Enjoy!
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  1. Routledge Says:

    Thank you very much, greatly appreciate stumbles and the like! :)

  2. janet Says:

    Joking about being an American was crude. would like to see that comment removed.

  3. Routledge Says:

    I am sorry Janet, I have lots of American friends and I visit America about once a month, it is truly a joke and is not meant to be offensive, I still believe it is not and will not remove it but I am sorry you viewed it that way. :(

  4. Janet Says:

    I did like the article (other than that comment). You however did leave out one good link.

  5. Janet Says:

    Just hit cancel on the Zango pop up. With that link you can watch them in while they are still in the theaters.

  6. Routledge Says:

    I have actually found/ been told of a few good ones, I might be making a list solely for TV shows! :)

  7. Richard Hartman Says: offers the largest list of free movie sites on the internet

  8. abie Says:

    thanks routledge, i even enjoyed the american joke…you said nothing offensive…americans say much worse about ourselves…i bet janet is republican….:)

  9. JAke Says: is a very good site without all the advertising

  10. Seby Says:

    you forgot this site and it doesn`t have all that crappy advertising on the movie page , it`s simple , you enter , click your movie link and watch , I love them

  11. johnn Says:

    great site to watch free movies

  12. Johny Says:

    Thanks for geart lists. my favorite movies site is

  13. Arts Says:

    Nice info…

  14. Nets Says:

    Very good video.
    Good work

  15. Urim Says:

    I have been streaming content online for about 7 years and by far the best out there now is

    You can stream movies, documentaries, and tv-shows.

    Not much there now but the guy udates everyday.

    Check it out!!

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