The Five Hottest Videos on YouTube

Sat, Aug 2, 2008, by Jo Day


You have to see these. Cute babies, hot babes and the funniest moments caught on camera.

You have to see these. Cute babies, hot babes and the funniest moments caught on camera.

Have you ever seen something on YouTube you’ve just got to show to everyone? Have you ever spent hours on YouTube just going from video to video? We’ve all been there probably because there’s so much great stuff out there. When a great video gets popular on YouTube there’s no stopping it and soon everyone around the world is into it. Here are 5 of the most watched, most famous, most loved videos that travelled around the world. You’ve probably seen some of them. If you haven’t, You have to see them!

Potter Puppet Pals

Take Harry Potter, friends, hand puppets and an original idea and what have you got? One of the most popular and funny videos on YouTube. Created by Neil Cicierega and friends who seem to have a particular fascination with puppets. Watch for two things. One, DUMBLEDORE! Two, Harry Potter’s entrance. Nearly 50 million views so far. I wonder what J.K. Rowling thinks of it?

Rihanna – Don’t Stop the Music

She may be one of the biggest artists in the world but she’s even bigger on YouTube. Rihanna’s music videos are constantly in the most watched of all time. Her most watched is currently Don’t Stop the Music with over 63 million views. Extremely impressive for a 20 year old. How come she’s so popular? The camerawork? Her voice? Or good old fashioned sex appeal? You decide.


Laughter is the universal language. A baby laughing is universal cuteness. Babies laughing are big on YouTube. This one is the biggest of all. Over one and a half years this adorable baby has shown over 56 million people its infectious laugh. Listen out for BING!…BONG! from off camera. Then look through the text comments – over 76,000 of them. One YouTuber puts it best: “This one never gets old”.

Ok Go – Here it goes again

Four guys on treadmills. Doesn’t sound like the most exciting video does it? But this ultra low budget music clip from band Ok Go has been made world famous from one of the most original and infectious ideas about treadmills. You have to see it to understand it. And across the world over 37 million people have, and have.

Justin Timberlake on SNL

This short skit on Saturday Night Live parodying 90s white hip hop quickly became one of the top 5 most viewed YouTube videos of all time. Then it was pulled by NBC for copyright reasons. But videos of Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s classic performance can still be found, thankfully, because this one really is a must-see. What’s the perfect present all year round?

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  1. Rockstar Sid Says:

    Justin video had excellent quality :O

    Also the title is entirely misleading :/ no hottest videos ??

  2. Shannon Says:

    My favorite Youtube video.
    Saturday Night Live – Natalie Raps
    It’s Natalie Portman in a Digital Short doing a hardcore rap.

  3. Jenz Says:

    I can’t believe JK Rowling hasn’t sued these guys yet – Since she’s sued just about everyone else!!

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