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YouTube is a great site for watching all kinds of videos. You can find everything from family vacation videos to music videos from the 1960s to clips of Japanese Anime. People email each other links to YouTube videos about funny cats, laughing babies, dancing motivational speakers and young people lip-syncing to popular songs. YouTube is all the rage among children of all ages. They want to see the popular viral videos that their friends are watching and talking about. YouTube can be a great source of entertainment for the whole family. But it can also shock and upset tender minds if they see or read things that are not appropriate for their age.

YouTube is an excellent site to view all videos. You can find home videos to music videos to clips of the 1960 Japanese anime. e-mail people each other links to YouTube videos of funny cats, babies laughing, dancing, motivational speaker and youth lip-synching to popular songs. YouTube is popular with children of all ages. They want to see the most popular viral videos that show their friends and talk. YouTube can be a great source of entertainment for the whole family. But it may also shock and upset people's minds if they see or read offer things that are inappropriate for their age.

Parents have been warned against the dangers of allowing their children access the Internet without supervision. They know they must ensure that their children do not talk to strangers and tell their children never to give personal information. Many parents have software that blocks children from certain sites or only allowed access to certain sites. Parents should know what is on the site to determine if they allow their children to visit. You may have visited YouTube you laughing at a funny clip or maybe learning a candidate in the upcoming elections. But beware, YouTube has a dark side. There are many videos on YouTube that are not for kids!

YouTube is full of sex videos. You've probably heard that YouTube does not allow pornographic videos on his site. It is true they say in their conditions of use videos of this type are not allowed. However, there is no way to know if a video is porn until someone looks, can not be deleted automatically by computers on YouTube. In the early days of YouTube, uploaded porn videos for several days until someone pointed out the YouTube video and it is removed. Now, porn videos with nudity are taken almost immediately. People keep trying to download, but YouTube is much better to remove the videos and a ban on returning people with different names.

porn videos with nudity is very rare on YouTube. But many other types of sex videos available for free. Among the most watched is called booty shaking videos. They consist of dancing girls suggestively, shook their bodies, often dressed in bras and thongs only. A video showing two underage girls as possible (you can not see their faces) stack their butts seatbelt and making sexual gestures. Each girl lowers her panties twice, enough to expose his private parts briefly. This video has been on YouTube for over a month and has been viewed thousands of times. Would you want your grade school children to see this? Would you want your teenage daughters to see this and think that everybody, so it must be acceptable behavior?

You can wonder if it's easy to find videos like that. YouTube has a search mechanism. You can enter keywords that people use to describe their videos and all matches are displayed. Some people use some form of sexual words, they can think about attracting people to their videos, even when movies are harmless. But it is easy to find videos sex with swaying hips and for worse. Enter the "jailbait" and you get 285 videos. They say that in his description, "Jailbait – sometimes it's worth it." Search on "minor" and you get 1030 video. Writing in other words, more direct you can expect to lead to sex videos and you'll get more search results.

YouTube is the mechanism of the ticket, which allows all users to flag a video content. Then watch a video on YouTube, and I had no intention to minors or to remove it. If the video is marked as not for children, everything that happens is a button that asks the viewer that they are old enough to watch the video. Click the button and the video plays!

What other types of sex videos on YouTube? There are many videos that advertise sites webcam girl. The video stops just as the girl is about to be exposed. The viewer becomes a free sample of the goods and are encouraged to visit the site for more sex. All kinds of sex sites use YouTube to advertise their wares. There are all sorts of fetish videos – fetish foot fetish vids and especially smoking.

Also, there are shoe, excrement, cross-dress, latex and balloons fetish clips – 76,100 search results for “fetish.” There is one particularly disturbing video that is too graphic for YouTube; but people are filming and uploading their reaction to watching this video from another site. It goes by the name “2 G**** 1 C**” (it’s too disturbing to watch so I purposely censored the title). If your young child sees this video, they may very well throw up and have a bad psychological reaction. Almost everyone who has uploaded a “reaction” video to YouTube nearly upchucks and says how disgusting it is.

No nudity porn videos on YouTube, but there are many videos with nudity. There are several very informative videos on how to do a breast exam. This is a real service to adult women, but it can be said of the comments on these videos as men seek sexual gratification. A video shows often considered a team sport British student stripping from the waist to examine their breasts. There are also videos that show breast surgery before and after pictures. You can also find very explicit videos of actual gynecological exams. Do you want your children to see?

It may be wise to block children from YouTube, or at least sit down with them if you allow them on site. But even if they go to movies you expect to be age appropriate – Disney videos, music videos, funny animals and babies laughing – you must be aware of two things. YouTube is now advertising in video, so you will be exposed to commercial messages in another medium. Also, people are free to write what they want in the video comments area. People write things very tough and disturbing in the comments! There are several examples of young women who have left the site because of derogatory remarks and nasty on their videos, including descriptions of sexual acts that people say they want to do with these ladies. YouTube does not screen for language or content of the comments, so expect to see written sometimes rude, crude and offensive, even in areas of video reviews of the most innocent.

YouTube is one of the many video sharing sites. Some do porn, or are not diligent about removing them when downloaded. Some sites show sexual acts hardcore porn scenes from movies, women and minor girls tied naked. Of course, there are many pornographic sites that charge monthly access. But others do not charge any law and are similar in look and feel on YouTube, people can download what they want in these sites. Often, these sites attempt to download potentially harmful programs to your computer. A site like YouTube, but if you click on video to play, something that can be downloaded to your computer. A popup window will prompt you to download. If you try to exit the X, will return. The only way out is to open the Task Manager, select the Windows Internet Explorer (or any browser you use) under the Applications tab, then click End Task.

If you want to avoid that the children in your home to watch porn videos online, it is recommended that children can read computer to ensure security so great that ActiveX controls can be used. This also prevents videos from being displayed. If the child wants to watch video online, consider sitting there with them, and is ready to shut down the power button on the computer screen, if something inappropriate comes on!

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