Regular People Getting Knocked Out

Mon, Aug 18, 2008, by J Leland Malinski


At any moment you could be knocked out. See how in these videos.

There is one thing that continually draws me to the internet and that are the crazy videos. The fact that everybody has a video camera now provides for hours and hours of endless entertainment. Well, recently I went on a search for some great knockouts. Now I wasn’t looking for Mike Tyson or any UFC fight instead I wanted to find hilarious regular people who just have had enough. Here is the list.

I Think this Guy Hates Halloween

This is usually how I react to someone asking me if I am going Trick or Treating.

Terry had THC in Her System

This clip reminds me of my mom. She would totally blast some woman in the face at a PTA meeting or something. I love the quote right before she gets punched in the face. “Terry had THC in her system.” Now, we all know you can’t be making accusations like that, and it was just Pot, come on. You deserve a good punch in the face.

I’ll Have a Number #2

After coming home from a Texas Rangers game, this dude decides to stop at a Mcdonalds where he gets super sized. I hope he didn’t order a number two in his pants.

Pimping Ain’t Easy

This goes to show that the saying is true. Pimping is not easy, but it is funny as hell.

Girl Knocks Out Dude

I love the Asian Commentary on this.

This Punk Gets What He Deserved

Road Rage at it’s finest. I don’t understand why the guy with the camera didn’t help out, but whatever still a great clip.

Crazy Legs

I know this is a regular person knock out, but I can’t identify any of the boxers here. It is sad that boxing is dying to UFC. I mean I love UFC, but boxing is a beautiful sport when at it highest level. It can also be funny as hell. Check it out.

Backstage at a Danzig Concert

This clip shows two huge dudes backstage at a Danzig Concert. Metal, fat people, and stupid women lead to one good right hand..

Let’s Kiss and Make Up

This is a contest in Mixed Martial Arts, but this was over before it even started. The Asian dude broke a major rule and paid for it.

This is Why You Don’t Hit Women

Especially when they out way you and you are probably a lazy bastard who does nothing for her, but make her life a living hell. I love this clip by the way.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    Most of these promote senseless violence. Is this necessary?

  2. hell yeah.. Says:

    it’s necessary

  3. I liked... Says:

    when the black man hit the scary monster

  4. Steve Says:

    i was genuinely frightened.

  5. neelam pandey Says:

    sometimes violence becomes necessary …as it starts considering the peaceful nature of non-violence as weak…but yes, as shannon said it shouldn’t be made a need.

  6. Chuck Norris's Younger Fatter Slower Nephew.. Says:

    Yeah.. I remember getting into my first fight… My buddie’s foot got ran over by a van and he screamed at it.. Well… Four dudes popped out… We had three guys.. I remember taking my first punch in the face and it not being that bad.. and then delivering a beautiful punch in the face before getting the crap beat out of me… but it still was worth the experience…

  7. rofl Says:

    shannon, this isnt promoting violence, only exhibiting it.
    this is not telling people to go out and knock some people out.

  8. Etum Says:

    That last video is really sad. I mean, guys hitting each other on the street is one thing, but those children (probably the womans kids, and the guy getting beaten may or may not be the father?) watching really don’t need to see that.

  9. xoswiss Says:

    it’s not only necessary, it should be mandatory.

    except the last one because there are kids watching, but that just goes to show how stupid the people in the video are.

  10. buzz Says:

    The boxer who threw the punch is Australian legend Kostya Zsu. Probably the best pound for pound boxer of the last decade.

  11. Duck Says:

    I’m making a little short film with a hefty action sequence. These clips helped a lot. Thanks.

  12. GlitchPointerOuter Says:

    Only 2-3 of these videos work. Just letting you know…..

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