How to Download the YouTube Video in Front of You by Typing Three Letters!

Fri, Feb 27, 2009, by Kiefer


If you’re ever on YouTube browsing videos and come across one you would like to keep, here’s a way you can download it onto your computer just by typing three letters.

It’s called Pwn! Youtube. A website not affiliated with YouTube is dedicated to getting you the funny and cool videos you love seeing online.

For example, let’s say you’re watching the famous “Sneezing Panda” video on Youtube:

Now if you want to download it, all you do is:

Step 1:
Go to the URL at the top:

Step 2:
Type in “pwn” right in front of “youtube”, like so:

Step 3:
Then go to that link. You will be brought to a page that gives you the option of downloading the .flv or .mp4 files of the video.

But what if it’s a YouTube video that is seen on a different public website?

If you find a webpage with a YouTube video on it that you’d like to download, simply copy the URL and paste it into the “Download a Youtube video from any page” box at The same options will be presented to you.

What do I do once I have the file downloaded?

If you download the .mp4 version of the video file, the most popular programs you can use to play it are RealPlayer, QuickTime Player, or iTunes.

If you download the .flv version, you can again use RealPlayer or any other program that supports .flv files. 

Any other methods of downloading a YouTube video?

If you’re a Mozilla Firefox user, there are countless amounts of add-ons you can download from the online database. Just go to the “Tools” menu and click on “Add-ons”. Go to the “Get Add-ons” tab and you can search for any you have in mind. 

In this case you could type in “download video” or “download youtube video” or something of the sort to find Firefox extensions that you can add to your browser. Follow the directions of each add-on to get all the videos you want!

Is it legal?

The legality of PwnYouTube is unclear. You should download YouTube videos at your own risk. Many people use the website and the add-ons from Mozilla Firefox, so they are pretty well-known. Had they been illegal, it is safe to assume they would be gone by now. 

Have fun downloading!

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  1. Jason Morales Says:

    I never realised it was so easy.
    Cheers for the info.
    Appreciated =)

  2. xoxoxz22 Says:

    is this real? or fake or virus?

  3. Kiefer Says:

    Nope it’s real and it works.

  4. yumijanine Says:

    Theres even an easier way:

    just add the word “pwn” before http:// watchblaha

    so your url will be http://

    its that simple

  5. Kiefer Says:

    That’s the method mentioned in the article…

  6. Andrew DC Says:

    There is also another method:
    Copy the bookmarklet from this page here ( and put it on your bookmarks bar. Now, whenever you are on a YouTube video, you can just click it and it will automatically start downloading as a .Mp4! Kind of handy for iPods.

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