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Mon, Jan 26, 2009, by Adry


It is a simple way, but requires practice to make it easier.

First of all, we need to go to justin tv website, to do that, just write in your browser  

Once the website is fully loaded, click on “Create Account” to create a new account or “Sign in” if you already have one.

1) For New Users: After will appear an pop-up window. In this form you need to fill: User, Password, Date of Birth and your e-mail to verify your new account. 2) For active users: Login with your username and your password.

Once our account is created, you need to open the program that will simulate a webcam, in my case, I use Broadcaster Studio Pro, it’s Freeware Software and you don’t need to pay anything for it. You can download this program in the follow LINK. When the program is opened, maybe we will have something like this (see image)

Just don’t care about the Error message and click OK and continue with the next Step.

a) If you want to broadcast directly from your webcam, then choose the First Option “VIDEO CAPTURE”, b) If you want to broadcast a video file, music video or some personal video to share, or a list of video files, you need to click on the second option: “BROADCAST A FILE” [Before or after your option is selected, it will appear an advertisement of the program; close it.]

If we choose the BROADCAST A FILE option, in the next window you need to click on the icon with a orange + sign, this to load the video files we want to broadcast. Then appear a pop-up where we need to locate those video files. After select all, just click “Open” and the entire file we just selected, will appear in the Studio Pro playlist. (See image)

Now we need to go to Justin in browser and now, we need to locate the only one bit RED BUTTON at the right corner “BROADCAST”

After we click on the Broadcast button, another pop-up window appears with some data about our channel, after fill some items (like the name of our channel, etc) we have this screen and choose:

Camera: Studio Pro “Mic: Line 1 (StudioPro audio) “ Then Save. After save, choose the “Better” blue Tab in the video player. And that’s all.

Now, we need to click on the PLAY button in the StudioPro playlist to begin the broadcast, and at the same time, in the popup window click on the Green Button “Start Broadcasting”. In this way, we don’t have any problems and our transmission will appear in our channel. I broadcast with Windows Vista, on Firefox 3.05 or Internet Explorer beta 8 and Broadcast StudioPro in a 1MB ADSL Internet Connection, and it works very good. Any comment or suggestions write to me at: or leave a comment right here.

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  1. IreniaPehuajo Says:

    Very well explained .I like it.

  2. Maria Blazz Says:

    Well done, Adry, you put a lot of work in this article and it’s a good tutorial.

  3. Hondu Says:

    Thanks man for taking the time to do this!!

  4. Nancy Romero Says:

    very good adry, greetings and applause

  5. Adry Says:

    Thank all for your comments.

  6. tonisan60 Says:

    this is a great article, I will stumble it, thank youfor sharing.
    I need to know that Justin TV really works.

  7. Riy Says:

    Ok so i have to point my cam at my pc monitor ?

  8. nikki Says:

    I’ve tried this and its all been good except for the configuration option. I go to best and that window does not pop up, when I go to setting the studio pro mic is not available

  9. Ane Says:

    Very good! Thank you!

  10. Alex Says:

    Looks like does Broadcaster Studio does not work under my Vista Home Premium 64-bit =\

  11. COOL DUDE Says:

    It looks awesome. But I still would not use becuase the Terms of Service and Software License Agreement. false advertisment.

  12. COOL DUDE Says:

    Broadcaster StudioPro

  13. Master Fuu Says:

    Alex is right on the money. I got Vista 64-bit and Broadcaster Pro and Broadcast buttons do not work 100%

  14. cambabam Says:

    for those who have a window 64-bit version of vista can use a program called manycam (you ca google it) it\\\’s free and you can add effects to your broadcast… don\\\’t need to use a program to broadcast, because you can do it directly from your webcam, but manycam and other different programs (ex.Studio Pro, Webcammax, etc.) make your broadcast a little more interesting.
    Have fun!!!

  15. logtv Says:

    hello i did install the studiopro broadcaster so on the last step the message say the driver is not installed but the page is not working how i can do this now? please somebody cam help me?

  16. METS Says:

    Got a blue screen serious fault on both vista and xp machines from studio pro, anyone know why?

  17. MTR Says:

    Oh and just to point out, these guys dont exist anymore, and/or their site is non existant anymore. Wonder why… Enjoy!

  18. deshan19 Says:

    when i tryed to broadcast a file with this my computer crashed?

  19. Pissed Says:

    I get a BSOD with Vista as well whenever I try to broadcast with this. Pisses me off.

  20. Turco_eu Says:

    I have a big problem… every time return error 0×80004005 when y try select and play at Studio pro or others softwares.

    Yes, i find a lot “solutions” for that, but everyone say to me this:

    You have a register problem, becouse bad register settings.

    No, my windows are certified, and no again, doesn´t work…. guess 0×80004005 again and again…

    Someone help me ?

  21. j Says:

    crashes vista for me too.

    what’s going on here? this is clearly not an isolated issue as many appear to be having it.

    solutions anyone?

  22. Erdem Says:


  23. hbk1991 Says:

    Thanks, I don’t have stereo mix and this worked perfectly. Thanks for sharing, and great article

  24. Greg Zeigler Says:

    Crashes my computor…..followed your directions precisely….even used firefox to broadcast on…..played about a minute or less of video, then crashed.

  25. DeadheadTrea Says:

    I don’t believe Broadcaster Studio Pro is compatible with Windows7. Used it religiously on my old PC with XP. Now when I try to load it, it says I’m missing a driver.

  26. Jared Says:

    Windows 7, 32 bit crashes with this program as well.

    I just bought this laptop today.

    Anyone know a work around? I really don’t want to go back to manycam after seeing how many fps this program can pull off.

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