Hot Pakistani Stage Girls Mujra Video Clips

Sun, Nov 29, 2009, by webseowriters


Pakistani stage drama girls are very popular for dances on Punjabi songs, called hot Mujra dances.

Pakistani movies industry is running on very low budget plans due to lack of government support. People living in Pakistan also don’t like Pakistani movies; they prefer to watch Indian Bollywood movies instead of Pakistani cinema. Young boys and people who work in factories are living a labor life taking interest in Pakistani Punjabi movies. But they cannot think about watching these movies together with their family members. The reason behind avoiding to watch these movies in homes or with family members is the hot and crazy Mujra dances in these movies don by hot Pakistani actresses of Lollywood.

I hardly watched two o three full Pakistani movies in my life of new era. Yes I watched o many black and white Pakistani movies in my childhood, because that movies were very good to watch because of their strong cast and reasonable story plot. Bu now a days movies are full with idiot thing like unwanted hot Punjabi songs after every ten minutes in he movie. There comes a hot wet or Mujra song in ever Pakistani movie when Hero meets with his actress or when they and their meeting in some garden or cafe.

These Mujra dances are not limited to Lollywood movies, now you can watch these dances in stage dramas too. Every stage drama contains at least five to seven hot dances by hot fatty girls. These dances look very funny some times. You can watch and download these hot dances called Mujra in Urdu and Punjabi languages as well as in Hindi too from various online video streaming websites like you-tube etc.

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