Hidden Features and Secrets of Youtube

Wed, Nov 18, 2009, by Louie Jerome


YouTube has a number of hidden features that most people never use.

Hidden Features On YouTube


Everyone has heard of YouTube and there are few of us who have never visited the site, or a least heard about it. The site gets a lot of bad press over violent and indecent videos that manage to slip through the net and get uploaded for all to see. There has also been controversy over copyright infringements on the site.

However, this is a truly amazing and entertaining site. It’s a great way to wile away a few hours, or to do a little research. You can watch movie clips, live music videos, cartoons, and a whole host of other things uploaded by users.

That’s not all, though. There are some advanced features and ways to use YouTube that many of us are missing out on.

The Warp Player is a kind of virtual browser that will show you related clips on mouse over and if you click on one it will be played in the middle of your screen. This is a fast way of finding something you want to watch. It’s like a preview facility.

Test Tube has four different features available in one program. You can add notes to video clips, show other people what you are currently watching and add music to video clips. (The music you add should be licensed, or copyright free, or even stuff you have written and played yourself). There is also a facility that can stream chat between users who are watching the same videos. The chat facility is excellent for those who are social animals and enjoy sharing with their friends.

YouTube feeds are RSS feeds that let you know as soon as your favourite contributor has uploaded a new video. This is quite easy to set up using the link provided on the YouTube site. Subscribe to as many feeds as you like.

You can also compile play lists of all your favourite YouTube video clips. Just follow the link below to YouTube play lists and create your list. You can even choose whether to make it shared, or private. It’s really easy to add a video to the list by clicking the tab under the video choose where you want to list it and save it. The list will be there next time you want it. It’s that easy.

The play list function is great for making a collection of music videos featuring your favourite tracks and performers. It is also good for collecting informational videos that you want to view later. The music lessons and language lessons on You Tube often come in parts so it is really useful to gather these up and save them in a play list so that you don’t have to go looking for them when ever you want to look something up.

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  1. Tim P Stavert Says:

    It appears a better service than I first believed. Thanks for the information Jan.

    Best Wishes


  2. Vladislav Says:

    Great information!

  3. Ruby Hawk Says:

    My granddaughter loves Utube. I do watch it with her sometimes.

  4. Aleena Says:

    Good aticle
    I actually didn’t know about some of these

  5. Andrew DC Says:

    very interesting, thank you

  6. Noodleman Says:

    Didn\’t know some of that, great article!

  7. ??? Says:


  8. adklfh Says:

    You can play snake on Youtube, while it is loading and the circles are there, push the left or right button and you can play. No joke, friend showedd me tooooday! [:

  9. Alex Says:

    This is all common knowedge, none of this is secret or hidden features. This is bunk.

  10. Tyler Says:

    During any youtube video, hold Left and up for a couple seconds and infront of your video you can play snake. i just heard of this.

  11. Bob Bobberton Says:

    You can also shrink YouTube by holding Ctrl and Alt at the same time. Don’t know how to enlarge it back though. :I

  12. g Says:

    pause a video and heold the left arrow when it starts to load press up and u should be able to play the snake game

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