Greatest Freakout Ever is Fake

Tue, Mar 30, 2010, by Wiggles18


Yes, the hilarious videos on YouTube where Stephen is seen freaking out are actually fake. It doesn’t take a genius to understand why; with a little bit of logical thinking you will see exactly why the greatest freakout ever is fake.

Is the greatest freakout fake? Is the greatest freakout real? The answers are yes and no. The greatest freakout on YouTube is actually fake.

Just do a little logical thinking:

The family is obviously rich; you can tell this in the videos that show their big house, their abundant entertainment items, and all the expensive vehicles they own. Therefore, Stephen would be able to break things that an ordinary person would not be able to break, because, they can just buy the item again. For instance, an ordinary person wouldn’t want to break a guitar, because that probably cost them a whole paycheck. Stephen on the other hand could probably just get a new one right then and there. The same applies for the vacuum, microwave, etc.

Next of all, who doesn’t go on YouTube? I am pretty sure Stephen would have seen the videos on YouTube, and then forcefully would have his brother take the videos offline, if he really was the way the video portrays him to be.

The videos are fake because they are staged perfectly. The greatest freakout videos are always planned ahead. This is very evident in the latest video where Stephen punches the panels out of his door. He had gloves on before, because they planned that when he freaks out he would punch the door panels out, and so he didn’t want to hurt his hands, so he wore gloves on them.

So, why do they even do the videos then. Well, it is obviously a big whole popularity contest on YouTube. They want people to watch their videos to gain recognition. Most likely that, and the huge cash flow that comes along with it, inspires them to make these fake greatest freakout videos on YouTube.  

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  1. johnnydod Says:

    so now we know lol

  2. yes me Says:


  3. diamondpoet Says:

    Good article, sorry I didn’t view this on Utube yet, but I will look for it.

  4. Literatour Says:

    And it all began in an era of photomontage …


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  5. Rockwall Says:

    Good article, this is clearly 1 point of view and 1 person’s opinion. I am very familiar with the videos and in the end, no one know’s if the videos are real or fake (except Stephen and his brother). All I do know is that they are very funny and probably one of the greatest means of entertainment on YouTube.

  6. monica55 Says:

    Great article, and I’ll look it up on U-tube. Thank you for the share.

  7. Wiggles Says:

    I\’m disinclined to believe anyone who has the writing skills of a 6 year old and who doesn\’t know the difference between \”there\” and \”their\”.

  8. heyyyitsmaggie Says:

    I don’t believe that all you say is entirely true. But even if it is, why spoil the entertainment of someone else? Everyone needs a good laugh here and there, and the Quire brothers just happen to provide that. Do you want to rob the happiness of people by posting blogs like this and spoiling the fun? I would sure hope not…..

    and wiggles, good point! :D hahaha

  9. Wiggles18 Says:

    Thanks for the heads of Wiggles; I guess I will try to improve my writing skills. Maybe I will even be able to obtain the writing skills of a 9 year old! :D Probably just wishful thinking though….

    I’m only human, and humans make mistakes. Thus, I misused a single word, like millions of others do daily. We should just change it so that the word “their” doesn’t exist, and that “there” is used for both place and possession. I mean, come on, we use words like “ship”, “bank”, “bear” etc that have many meanings. Why not simplify things with “there” and “their” being only “there”?

    Heck, as long as a person can get across the point, who cares how they even spell words; it isn’t the words that matter, but the meaning.

    And hey, you can’t use the word “Wiggles”, that is “our” word, “our” word, you got it?

  10. 1mick3y3 Says:

    your just a hatter,fake or real it got up to amillion more, get a life an dissapoint someone else for a chaange….them freakout rock!!!

  11. GEAH Says:

    If these videos are fake, everyone involved are brilliant method actors.

    Not fake.

  12. Journo Says:

    They aren’t real. In fact, the family have already admitted that the videos are fake in another interview on YouTube. The only reason this is not explained on the original videos is because the creators don’t want to put off new viewers. So that whoever watches the orignal’s on YouTube assumes that what they’re watching is genuine.

    If, for example, you take a look at the video where Stephen trashes his truck which his mother bought him, freeze frame it when he enters the garage, and you’ll see the small rip in his t-shirt to make it easier for him to rip off later.

    The guitar that Stephen smashes in another video is broken already. Listen to it, it’s so out of tune, the neck is probably heat warped and, therefore useless and practically unfixable.

    Although the videos are not ‘real’, they are still wonderfully acted and hilariously funny. I suppose it is good that people are still debating their authenticity, but in the end, they ARE all staged.

  13. Wiggles18 Says:

    1mick3y3, how do you know that I make hats for a living?! Also, I don’t hate them, I love the videos! I just thought I would put my two cents into the matter.

    Get an education for better grammar.

  14. jb Says:

    nope, u cant just say that cos there wealthy they can buy everythin again. if i was rich i wouldnt bother even tho i could. it still costs n there is no point

  15. Dalton Weaver Says:

    He wore the gloves because he was watching a fight on tv. he obviously was an avid fan. the videos are quite real. his brother is the biggest instigator in the world and stephen doesnt realize his fall everytime for his brothers manipulation

  16. Joe Schmo Says:

    I agree with you that the videos are obviously staged, but I’m not sure to what extent. Like, if the family knows about it and the kid doesn’t or do they both. Either way… still hilarious videos. And I don’t think that the first one was fake, I think that the first one got millions of hits, and they realized that they had a good thing going so they faked the rest of them.

  17. BrittanyLynn22 Says:

    The videos are fake. I go to the same school as them!

  18. ggsfjklnv Says:

    The original is definitely not fake. the rest might be, but the original is definitely not. I dont care what you say.

  19. dtkelsey576 Says:

    I think its funny how there’s always somebody who says they know them in real life, when in fact they don’t. Honestly who cares if there fake, they are fun to watch, that’s all that matters right?

  20. anon-232 Says:

    Fake, you can hear the mom admitting it here:

  21. jreg Says:

    my parents can afford many things and everytime i broke stuff i still had to pay even though i have nothing for money
    and they actually have done many interviews and he has said he didnt know what youtube was until his friends told him to look uo hiself on it lots of people dont know about it
    also many people wear uniforms hats etc. when they watch sporting events so it makes sence to wear the gloves since in the videos you can clearly see he is a die hard fan
    so basically this article proves nothing at all though
    nice try though

  22. Wiggles18 Says:

    Jreg, a 5 year old child would wear gloves for something like this; rarely would people wear uniforms and hats(and whatever else) in their own house for even a football game. I can see people dressing up over at another persons house, for the super bowl, but not for something as simple as a single UFC fight.

    So, basically your comment proves nothing at all. Nice try though.

  23. jreg Says:

    really all u got to say back is something about gloves
    good call

  24. Wiggles18 Says:

    Really?You came back here to express your opinion(with poor grammar), again?

    Good call.

  25. Wiggles18 Says:

    Jreg, I already explained the point…

    Gloves aren’t “dressing up”. If he were truly “dressing up”,he would be wearing a UFC shirt, pants, hat, AND THEN would put on gloves.

    He, on the other hand(pardon the pun), is only wearing gloves; ergo, he is most likely wearing them to protect his hands, for his premeditated freak out.

  26. Wiggles18 Says:

    Heh! True about the shirt. But, he isn’t wearing any UFC shorts- he is wearing his iconic pajama pants(like he does in pretty much every video) for laughs I think-because those colorful pajama pants really do add a bit of humor-like the colorful boxers of the first one

  27. jreg Says:

    ya but gloves are alot easier to come by
    and if u r a fan who wants to dress up it does make more sence to to wear just the gloves rather than the shorts

  28. Wiggles18 Says:

    My hands would become sopping wet with sweat(if I wore gloves), especially during an intense sporting event. It would be easier for the shorts(unless they are those ridiculous stretchy tight ones-like gloves for the nuts).

  29. jreg Says:

    which they are

  30. Wiggles18 Says:

    I’ve seen loose UFC shorts before.

  31. Cody Says:

    you are so perceptive and amazingly smart. NOT, shut up, they’re real.

  32. Wiggles18 Says:

    Cody, Thanks for your comment. NOT(are you Borat-who uses ‘not’ in this sort of scenario anymore…), pipe down, they are fake.

  33. Elizabetta Says:

    Although it’s possible for it to be staged, i disagree with your point about the money and that they only can break these because they have money. Even if you were rich, you wouldn’t break your dads guitar on purpose just to make a YouTube video, or burn your own Christmas tree and your brothers presents.

  34. kitty Says:

    honestly i think they’re real. i might have believed the first 1 or 2 were fake, if that’s all he put up, but there’s too many of them where he’s acting so passionately. last time i checked, there’s 19 of them, not counting interviews and stuff. and both boys age in the videos. i don’t think the parents would let them break all that crap just for a little youtube fun.

  35. Guest Says:

    Of course they are real. No matter your station in life you don’t just break things to get fans on a video site. The interview with the mom on kid Chris just show the mom covering for her son. The only one that was a set up was the old junker truck birthday present. They were just having a little fun on that day.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    It\\\’s incredibly nice of you to ruin perfectly funny videos for other people. They\\\’d have to pay a lot of people to act for their videos too. Look at the one where Stephen is trying to learn gymnastics or the one where the people are following around the family and harassing them like paparazzi. There are certain things that could make them seem faked, but you can\\\’t conclude that they are fake just because the family has money. In fact, it\\\’s idiotic to think that they are fake just because of that. The boy who films the videos even has a blog about the aftermath of the videos. Who goes through so much trouble just to make a video on Youtube. Seriously. I believe that the Stephen kid either has an incredibly irrational way of reacting to real life scenarios or has a mental disorder. If you notice he doesn\\\’t like to be touched, maybe he\\\’s autistic? Ever think about that? Probably not because you are too busy being a troll.

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