Five Cool Things to Show Your Friends

Sun, Aug 23, 2009, by Revin


Here is a list of some of the funniest videos and interesting things on the web. Amaze your friends with some of these tricks!

Turn the Computer Screen Upside Down (or in any other direction)

  • Trick your friends or screw up the computer of someone you dislike with this simple trick that once messed up the computers of a whole university! First, all you need to click to turn in upside down is ctrl + alt and then press the down arrow. To turn it sideways, just press the left or right arrows instead. To reverse this, just press the up arrow with ctrl and alt.

Youtube Video: Pokemon Spoof 1

  • One of the funniest pokemon spoofs ever. You do not have to really know much about pokemon to like it, just sit back, relax and laugh your lungs sore.

Youtube Videos: Potter Puppet Pals

  • Another funny spoof based partially on the Harry Potter Series using puppets as characters.

Youtube Videos: Teh Noob Show

  • For those of you out there who know about Runescape, here is the collection of the most well made Runescape videos around. Every one of these shows are good and funny. Some require a bit of runescape knowledge, but all in all, you’ll still love it!

Computer Pinball Cheat

  • Hey, you know that hard pinball game that is on your computer? Here is a cheat to getting a million points by controlling the ball with your mouse! Its simple and easy: once you start a new game and a new ball appears, simply type in ” hidden[space]test” then click and drag the ball anywhere on the screen! To end the game, press “h” and you will show up as second with one million points! You may not be first on the list, but hey, that’s what you get for cheating…hehehe.
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  2. austin Says:

    the alt plus ctrl fooled my mom and she got mad

  3. Revin Says:

    Lol atleast you know how to fix it, my brother did it by accident a while ago and we had no idea how to return it to normal. Now i know how.

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