Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube

Sat, Jul 11, 2009, by agentbond91


Is YouTube the best way to get noticed?

As far as i know You Tube started in 2005. Since then,people worldwide have been able to upload almost any video recorded. Notice i said almost. I personally have been able to learn new things by going to You Tube. i can download music videos,funny videos, interviews…. Still, there is a disadvantage. I’m no expert but i have heard and witnessed others miss out on good things due to things they have done that are posted on You Tube. Some videos show each other drunk, others fighting, some are even seductive, but because it is not considered pornography it can still be uploaded.

If I’m correct, i think the new Hip-hop/R&B artist Soulja Boy was noticed for his work through You Tube. And its great that users take advantage of this site to entertain and get a better future. Granted this opportunity may not be offered to everyone, but none the less people enjoy having a good time. There are funny imitations of shows, parodies, and simple talents like animation also included! Take a look and see for yourself!

The thing that some users do not realize is that You Tube is not only used by adults, children use it too. Honestly i think the youth enjoy it more than adults but I’ve been wrong before. I have seen a video myself, where two girls (probably both near 17 or 18 years old) fight each other in front of another house. What is entertaining about two people, girls especially, beating the life out of one another? I mean, you might as well make dogs fight each other too! Sure dogs don’t know much better, but my point is that there is no advantage, there is no benefit. Moreover,its obscene and tasteless. And think of how the result would have been. The girl who lost that fight was dragged all over the pavement by her hair and left the scene, beat up, scarred up, and nearly bald headed. the most shocking part to me was that the girl who did win the fight was outside with these teens, encouraging the fight! This is just one of many videos i viewed. There were other fighting videos that were far worse. One guy got messed up so bad that he couldn’t even scream in pain because he could barely open his mouth. More than likely, his jaw was broken. There are other that just have mature content like drug use, very cruel language, etc. Those of you who are mature, please take heed and steer younger children away from such views.

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