11 Videos of People Accidentally Getting Hit in the Balls!

Sat, Feb 16, 2008, by Shawny Nevill


Funny videos of unexpected testicular injuries…

What I discovered while researching this article was that there are no shortages of these videos on YouTube. Search for “hit in the balls” lead me to 6,900 videos, most of which were lame and planned by one or more parties in the video.

I decided that I would put some strict criteria into my list. 1. It has to be unexpected, not planned, not self inflicted on purpose. 2. It has to be painful. 3. It has to involve someone being hit in the balls. Here is what I came up with.

Warning: Some of these videos have NSFW language.

  1. Dean Gets Hit in the Balls

    He probably won’t stand that close to the plate anymore.

  2. Kid Gets Hit in the Balls Playing Pool

    Short but painful!

  3. Soccer Player Fabio Cannavaro Hit in the Balls.

    Usually when a soccer player falls down like that it means he’s faking an injury. Not the case this time

  4. Skateboard in the Balls

    This guy thinks he’s awesome with his cigarette and his skateboard, until he hits himself in the balls!

  5. Guy Gets Hit in the Balls Going to Work

    Whoever put that contraption at ball level has some explaining to do.

  6. Cousin Gets Hit in the Balls Hackey Sacking

    The sound that kid makes is priceless…

  7. Hit in the Balls With a Line Drive Tennis Ball

    This kid gets pretty angry even though it’s an accident.

  8. Hit in the Balls With a Line Drive Baseball

    It didn’t look like it to me at first, but the replays look solid.

  9. Hit in the Balls While Rehearsing a Dance Routine

    It’s right at the end, and its the kid in the blue shirt. That one i had to watch a few times, a running, jumping knee to the balls!

  10. Another Kid Hit in the Balls With a Pool Ball


  11. Skateboarder Hits Balls on the Side of a Jump


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  1. Shawny Nevill Says:

    leave some comments people!

  2. Scythe Says:

    Hilarious dude, nice list

  3. Alex Says:

    Goddamn, that sucks big time

  4. thelee@cox.net Says:

    Had me rollin bro…good stuff…thanks for the post.

  5. thanks Says:

    you should join them all into 1 clip

  6. Jake marcob Says:


    but painful lol.

    great stuff man

  7. Dani Says:

    DAMN, that last one looked like it huuurrtt

  8. Tarra B. Says:

    painfully funny!

  9. bigkkm Says:

    I have no idea why this stuff is so enjoyable.
    But it is!

  10. Grebo Says:

    God bless the internet…

  11. Tyler Says:

    I think this one takes the cake:


    He had a running start.

  12. Dani Says:

    How do you embed the videos into your article?? Can someone tell me? I tried copying the embeding url into microsoft word but nothing happened. am i supposed to link it somehow or sumthing? anyone know what i should do?

  13. binux Says:

    Can I ask you Shawny Nevill, how much visits in this article you get in a normal day? Thanks

  14. Shawny Nevill Says:

    a couple thousand a day, 40-45K people all together binux. I would just like to let people know that you can ask me any questions in comments and i will answer them, sometimes i will mail you directly (if you have triond)


  15. Corrissa Says:

    They only get their nuts hit because God shalt not let them have kids.

  16. binux Says:

    thank you shawny, that’s great, a couple thousand!! the max I got was 130 visits in one day and because the article appeared in “recent published”. Do you have any keys to make an article successful? Thanks.

  17. binux Says:

    i somehow got lucky with this article, i thought people would enjoy it. It failed to get made popular on digg but i think that enough people saw it there and on stumbleupon to get a footing. its died down now to a few hundred a day.

    i say use stumbleupon.com, digg, and (if you’re really lucky) fark.com might pick it up

  18. Purushotham Says:

    none of the vidoes opened for me :( all of them say sorry vidoe no longer available!!!

  19. Melissa Says:

    thease videos are so freaking funny they are so funny you should make a show called hitting peoples PENIS.

  20. matias Says:

    good stuff!!!!!!!!

  21. Jarod Says:

    why my balls will pain when people hit me in the balls?. especially my elder sis. she always kick me in the balls and thats really hurt. this is my advise to you boys. don play play with girls. they are really as scary as a monster

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