Why Not to Use Facebook – Reasons to Quit Facebook – Top 10 Real Good Reasons to Leave Facebook

Thu, Mar 10, 2011, by spark

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Thinking of quit or leave facebook? do it today, see why here.

Those looking on the web of special detoxification Facebook. And all others like you and me, who think a little each day. As our president would say, Facebook, “you love him or you leave him.” We agree even if it looks like a suicide wickedly 2.0. There are even 10 good reasons why you Topito GQ and spin like that for free.

  1. Time you will win : An average user spends about 55 minutes per day on Facebook, or 14 full days per year. Feel free to imagine what you could do this time and cleared (love of cricket, a duck pie …)
  2. You protect your couple : Facebook is killing the love you spend your time to refresh the page to your wife and those of his ex. Your heart races every how a little too bland deposited on its wall. If you value your marriage, banish espionage Facebook.
  3. You abuse alcohol : No more surprises Monday morning when you just remember where you failed on Saturday night, friends they have not forgotten. And that’s 10 photos tagged with your name, dead drunk, dancing shirtless or make love to carpet the Baron. Hum.
  4. In therapy you will pass you : Facebook is an addiction, just like cigarettes or that your daily glass of Porto. Even on holiday at the end of the world you update your bylaws and a day without visiting your page put you mad. Is it serious doctor?
  5. You will keep your identity : Facebook has all rights to your photos. Do not be surprised to see your beautiful holiday snaps sold to travel agencies or see your silhouette on a sultry Parisian hipster t-shirt made ​​in Taiwan.
  6. In your past you will ever separate you : At first it was funny to find his classmates on Facebook, see what they did in life and with which girl 4th B they were married. Making fun of the house renderings of your buddies, it’s wrong and it will not make you feel better, hold it for you said.
  7. You shall love your reflection : Waive Facebook is to offload a large weight egocentric that weighs on your conscience for many years. It’s also become one, be a kind of modern hero to your friends and this will help considerably to meet real women, not through the box Photoshop.
  8. A nasty sort thou shalt : be informed of life of 249 friends, that first practice. Able to know the latest gossip without direct exchange, as a kind of personalized Here without making the effort to say “hello, how are you? . But you’re really interested to know that Sophie, a former intern from this Weekend at Dunkirk, that Patrick has “no fishing”, and that David ate excellent mussels in white wine? Seriously …
  9. Mark Zuckerberg annoy you : ok, good Mark, creator of the site, and new star of the web to the point that a film about his adventure is about to exit, could not care less for your profile and 12 pictures lurking. But doing nothing is also to let him resell your personal info that may well change and Jacuzzi, car and organize the party with easy girls.
  10. Over time you will spend on Topito : just imagine that every time you planned to go on Facebook, you went to place on Topito. Simple right? Soon, our new Jacuzzi, new cars and fast girls. Yes we can help you to detoxify. And if you do not you do it for us. Thank you in advance :-)
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