Why MySpace is Better Than Facebook

Wed, May 20, 2009, by Postitboy56

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Many people come to me and ask me which website is better. Well, folks… I have many reasons why myspace is better than facebook and which one has better qualities.

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Reasons my-space is better than facebook;

  1. My-space is step by step no confusion
  2. My-space has bigger writing to see and to understand what you have to do in order to do something
  3. My-space has instant messaging NOW so that you can talk with someone not having to wait forever
  4. My-space has better apps.. such as “Bumper stickers(better version), mafia wars, fashion wars ext.”
  5. My-space, you always have a friend no matter what!!! (Tom) Unless you delete him

Those are my 5 of many reasons to use My-space over face-book.

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  1. Dads Says:

    Oh yeah…ok…Strong argument you pose there…Well thought out, and implemented perfectly. I think I will go delete my facebook profile now after reading this…

  2. facebookshoulddie Says:

    well the biggest reason why facebook sux more than any other network is that they hav absolutely no respect for their customers. they randomly disable you without a reason, never respond to emails (if they do, it’s the automated response in like 10 weeks time), n can’t give a reason y they did why they did. it’s gonna die soon. i’m positive, if they continue treating their customers like this. only victims would know.

  3. Gl Says:

    “Customers”??? You aren’t paying for facebook, moron, you’re not a customer.

  4. Venrexx Says:

    Dads: I agree with you the arguments were weak.
    GI: People pay for certain types on monies on the games that are associated on social network sites such as facebook and myspace so technically we do pay, just not directly. Also they get money through ads we interact with, every click equals money in their pocket, if we leave then they crash and they need to realise that we do come first otherwise they are nothing more than just an empty website full of glitched games and crashes.
    Jared: You can get an account at any age with parental consent, if your parents monitor it well enough then you will be safe, both sites are equal space, one is just made to look bigged by how the page is setup and facebook was made because there were people who wanted to make a social network for everyone and eventually get enough ads, supporters and donations to make themselves rich.

    Now for my reasons why I am hating facebook.
    The admins change things without your consent, there were even days when we were unaware our pictures and information were set to free-for-all and that we needed to change it was unknown. We arent morons facebook, stop acting like we are.
    Second reason being their applications run like garbage. They have crash/ connections issues every other hour and trying to complete something quickly so you can leave and maintain your everyday life is impossible because adding something on games takes 30 tries (Stretched but you get the idea).
    My third reason is very simple. They monitor you, take information and give it to whoever benefits them the best, always for monitary gain and that is actually illegal seeing as the privacy act states against it. Don’t believe me? Google it, you will find the appropriate news articles that will give you all the proof you need. There are other reasons but I don’t think I need to add anymore, we have been feeding a 1-man corporation and I think it has gone on long enough. It’s either he grab a brain and treat us with some dignity or we should just up and leave. It really is your choice in the end.

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