What’s Your Favorite Mode of Technological Communication?

Thu, Feb 10, 2011, by Joie Schmidt

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….Email, text, instant message, cellphone, skype… and so much more!

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With our ever changing technologically advanced climate, our means of communication is expanding and becoming exponentially more efficient and effective than ever before. Between email, telephone, IM, text messages, cellphones, telephones, facebook (and the vast array of other online social networking options) and now even things like webcams and skype, the choices for communicating with friends and family has grown and become truly a world of its own.

So, given all these new advancements, what are you favorite means of communication excluding non-technological means of communication?

Personally, I find convenience in all these new forms of technology and am sincerely grateful for them. And, there are clear and distinct reasons why I use one particular form of communication over another at any given time, I’m sure most of you know exactly what I mean. For example, when you’re busy, in a meeting, catching up with another friend, texting is one of my favorite means of communication. It’s quick, it gets the point across effectively in a discreet manner. It’s perfect if you’re in a class, at work, etc. when you need to get a direct message to someone asap. It’s also great if you want to show your friends and loved ones you’re thinking about them, but are in the middle of other things. It’s just a nice convenient way to show people that you’re thinking about them without having to stop everything. It’s also great for the recipient because that person is then able to get back to you at their convenience. Let’s face it, today we’re pulled in so many different directions, if we were to stop and pick up every phone call we received, our days would become even more challenging to manage.

I also love social networking sites like Facebook. Not only is it an incredibly ingenuis way to keep in touch with the people you love, it’s also an amazing marketing tool for any person promoting their dreams. My online article views have increased significantly due to my participation in Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon. Regardless, of what the rumors say or don’t say about Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has opened up countless doors for other people, for that I hold his ingenuity in high regard and admiration.

When it comes to IM or instant messenger, Skype or Webcam that’s when I sort of would much rather either text, email or just talk over the phone. Personally, IM to me is good at work, if you’re on a phone call with someone and need to have an important brief conversation, but outside of work, I rarely if ever IM. And, Skype or Webcam, well I do see the appeal in those. I think that if you have loved ones who live far away, it’s a wonderful invention that is truly priceless to those who use it.

So, what about you, what are your thoughts about these various means of technological communication, I’m curious to know? =)

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  1. Val Mills Says:

    Definitely texting. I keep in regular contact with both my sister and my son, and that wouldn’t happen any other way.

  2. DtheArtist Says:

    IM’ing. or if there’s like a smartphone instant messaging only app, Kik, LiveProfile, PingChat; using that.

    My page (Poetry, Recipe’s everything in between). Add me, i’ll help you out, you help me out

  3. yes me Says:

    Cheers for this one Joie liked it

  4. Poetic Enigma Says:

    great article, very informative! and I like to IM or E-mail for the most part.

  5. Noisy Cricket Says:

    Great article and I think I like them all.

  6. alexgadd Says:

    My best technological method is the flashing the torch light into the distant in binary code. lol.

    seriously though, great article, enjoyed reading it. Wouldn’t say I have a favorite though, use them all equally.

  7. R.B. Parsley Says:

    Loved your article. I have two favorites. The cell phone, and e-mail. I don’t care for texting because its too dangerous. With the cell phone, I prefer to hear the other persons voice. With e-mail, it doesn’t take two or three days to hear from the other person. But the rest I haven’t tried. Great article! Keep ‘em comin’


  8. Anuradha Ramkumar Says:

    I’m not much into twitter and stumbleupon. My online views have definitely increased after sharing them in facebook.

  9. Anupatil Says:

    Nice one ,very informative.

  10. Anna Says:

    I try to be aware of all possible ways of communication: I like e-mails and skype. I don’t like using social media for chatting. It seems to me that in this case we are chatting with someone else reading our posts or listening to our communication.

  11. News Says:

    Interesting and Informative post

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