What are The Greatest Quotes From “The Social Network” Movie?

Fri, Oct 22, 2010, by Jill Demby Guest

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A sampling of the greatest dialogue quotes from "The Social Network" movie, written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by David Fincher with top notch performances by Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Rashida Jones and Rooney Mara.

Call me an Aaron Sorkin groupie, but I will see anything this maestro writes just to listen to the melodious harmony of his words.

In “The Social Network,” he takes us behind the scenes again with a story about the founding of Facebook. Sorkin, known for his rapid fire dialogue in plays, TV, and movies, (The West Wing, Sports Night, Charlie Wilson’s War, A Few Good Men) “The Social Network” is yet another stunning example of his writerly art in a spot on relationship with David Fincher, the film’s director.

The Social Network” is filled with rich dialogue (delivered by a highly talented cast of actors) capable of creating full blown human personas in a single line; a gift that only someone of Aaron Sorkin’s stature could master.

Below are some the best quotes from the movie.

Single Character Quotes:

Erica Albright: “You know, from a woman’s perspective, sometimes not singing in an A capella group is actually a good thing.”

Erica Albright (to Mark Zuckerberg): “Dating you is like dating a stairmaster.”

Sean Parker: “One suggestion: Get rid of the “the.” Just Facebook. Flows better.”

Erica Albright (to Mark Zuckerberg): “You write your snipe from a dark room because that’s what the angry people do nowadays.  I was nice to you. Don’t torture me for it.”

Mark Zuckerberg: “If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you’d have invented Facebook.”

Erica Albright: “The internet’s not written in pencil Mark, it’s written in ink. And you published that Erica Albright was a bitch right before you made some ignorant crack about my family’s name, my bra size, and then rated women based on their hotness.”

Mark Zuckerberg: “They came to me with an idea. I had a better one.”

Mark Zuckerberg: “We don’t know what it can be. We don’t know what it will be. We know that it is cool.”

Dialogue Quotes:

Sean Parker: “A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool?
Eduardo Saverin: “You?”
Sean Parker: “A billion dollars.”

Erica Albright: “You got a 1600?”
Mark Zuckerberg: “Yes, I can sing in an A capella group….
Erica Albright: “You actually got nothing wrong?”

Erica Albright: “I have to study.”
Mark Zuckerberg: “You don’t have to study.”
Erica Albright: “Why?”
Mark Zuckerberg: “Because you go to BU.”

Mark Zuckerberg: “I need to do something substantial in order to get the attention of the clubs.”
Erica Albright: “Why?”
Mark Zuckerberg: “Because they’re exclusive. And Fun. And they lead to a better life.”

Stanford College Girl: (“Stanford” on the back of her underwear) “You don’t even remember my name, do you?”
Sean Parker: “Stanford?”

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  1. Lark Tucker Says:

    Ah, where’s page two? More movie quotes, please! ;)

    This was a great movie, all right. After watching it, I went right to the net to learn more about the real people behind the characters. It felt that some of Sorkin’s and Fincher’s portrayals were spot on while others were more skewed.

    Although Eisenberg and Timberlake did great work, I can see why Zuckerberg and Parker are not too crazy about how they were portrayed. ‘Historical Fiction’ might be the best way to classify this movie, even though the subjects are still living.

  2. Jill Demby Guest Says:

    Yes, page 2 is coming! What you said about “historical fiction” feels right, yes, writers do take a leap from reality often to heighten the characters for the screen :) Thanks for your comment.

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