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Mon, Oct 24, 2011, by SharifaMcFarlane

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Futuretweets and Twitterfeed are two helpful Twitter tools that make the process of tweeting easier.


One of the best Twitter tools is Twitterfeed. Use Twitterfeed to feed your RSS feed for your blog to Twitter automatically. If you usually ping your articles in order to get them out to a larger audience, you can automatically feed your blog RSS feed to by using Twitterfeed. If you use Atom to send out your feed, you can also utilize this utility. Twitterfeed has a number of other advantages as well.

You can program your tweet frequency. Update frequencies can be set from once every half hour to once every 24 hours. You can also program the software with the number of posts you want to send out every time you tweet.

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Every one of your posts must have the date of publishing so that the Twitterfeed server can know which content is fresh.

You can use the Twitter tool to automatically update your Identi,ca and your HelloTxt account with your latest blog posts.

To use Twitterfeed you will need to open an OpenID account. Getting an OpenID account is free and easy.

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Futuretweets, as the name suggests, can be employed to schedule tweets in the future. Tweeting can bring more traffic to our articles and our blogs; however it is sometimes difficult to find time to tweet frequently. Futuretweets makes the whole process of Tweeting a whole lot easier and less time consuming.

With Futuretweets, you can take an hour of your time to timetable the articles and blog posts you want to send out on Twitter and when to send them out. This scheduling service is completely free.

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Twitter Tools for more Traffic

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