Three Surprisingly Simple Ways to Earn Free Facebook Credits Fast and Easily

Sun, Oct 10, 2010, by MrBrand

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Facebook credits are an online currency that can be used to do anything from unlocking items on Farmville to purchasing items on Facebook. For those without a credit card or money to purchase these virtual coins, the thought of being able to earn them for free can seem almost as mouth-watering as candy floss. However impossible as it may seem, it is possible to legally earn free Facebook credits online. Below is a list of three shockingly simple ways:

1. Do the deal of the day on Happy Pets

More than occasionally, Happy Pets offers a “deal of the day”, which usually consists of watching a short 15 second movie trailer or advertisement.  Users are then rewarded one Facebook credit.  If it doesn’t sound like a lot, think of it this way, one credit per day is roughly equivalent to three hundred sixty five per year, all entirely for free!

The deal of the day button

2. Join Hotel City  

No, you don’t have to fill out surveys or a bunch of bull that gets you nowhere.  Just follow the simple instructions provided and complete the tutorial.  Once you are finished, press it where it says “Collect Your Five Free Facebook Credits” at the top of the screen.


The Hello City reward screen

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3.  Complete TrialPay offers

This method should be considered a last resort – TrialPay offers are known to result in identity theft.  If you must however, only don’t complete offers that ask for a credit card and personal information.  TrialPay offers can be found on the left bar on any application.  

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