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Thu, Dec 22, 2011, by biasa saja

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After being delayed several time ago, Facebook introduced a feature eventually “Timeline” on its website to all users.

Actually, Facebook Timeline will be presented mid September, but it was only really introduced earlier this week. Before September, actually a few users can try out this feature by using a special lane for developers, Facebook is a beta version to give certain users to get feedback. Developers can taste a big change this time limit up to 7 days.

Well now, anyone can enjoy Facebook Timeline, before the company finally began to reform gradually. Therefore, before the Facebook timeline, this is what you need to know about these features. As quoted reports from PC World.

What is Facebook Timeline?
Timeline is a new feature on Facebook which replaces the previous Profile Page. In the Timeline there are some fundamental changes, such as the ’story of your life’, here the user can see the view up the scrolling from top to bottom.
What is displayed on Facebook Timeline?
Status updates, photos of other friends, employment history, marital status changes, and other information that you’ve recorded in your profile.
Is Facebook the Timeline will replace Facebook Wall?
Between yes and no. Timeline will replace your profile page and wall, just after you choose to activated. It’s just an option only.
What about privacy policies, Who can view my Facebook Timeline?
All the people on Facebook will be able to see your Timeline in general, but not everyone will be able to see every post. Timeline Each entry has a pen icon in the upper right corner, where the user can edit the user can see it.
Can user restrict where people can see certain pieces of information, photographs and other details of his Timeline?
Yes! In the same way that you can manage who can view status updates or pictures, you can restrict who sees all the entries from your Timeline. Each entry has a dropdown menu.
Can I delete status updates, images and other content from my Timeline?
A: Yes! Removing the option. Simply click the pen icon to edit, and you’ll see a button “delete.”

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