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Mon, Jan 31, 2011, by shelpeare

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What are the five biggest facebook Groups? Find out now.

On Facebook some groups have just one member while others have thousands or even millions. Have you ever wondered what are the biggest groups on Facebook? They say when you cannot beat them join them, so the top groups have almost identical names! Here are the top ten biggest groups on Facebook which are not to be confused with the biggest Facebook fan pages which are even bigger.


1.      Feed a Child with a Click

It was the Bible in 1 Cor. 13:13 that said “the greatest of these is charity.” This charitable group numbers just over 6 million members! There are scores of groups with this same name but this one is #1 among them as well as #1 among the largest Facebook groups.


2.      Snow Ball Effect – Official Experiment

This group has a little over 3 million members. This group is in the top ten but it has not yet reached the snow-capped peaks of this list. There is a great gap between #1 and #2 in terms of members. This will be explained later. Suffice it to say now that many of the heavyweight groups have disappeared!


3.      We Will Not Pay To Use Facebook. We Are Gone If This Happens ?? INVITE ALL!

This group’s name is identical to that of another Facebook group that used to be in the top five except that the words “INVITE ALL!” in caps are included together with two preceding arrows. (Hyperlinking it turns the arrows into question marks). This group has just over 3 million members and is presently trailing #3 by a little more than 200,000 mermbers.


4.      Alimentar a un niño con un sólo un clic!


Non-English Facebook enthusiasts must be thinking “Ah, at last, a Spanish Facebook group up there with the rest!” (in Spanish of course). Well, think again! This group’s name is just the Spanish for “Feed a child with a click” which is #1. This Facebook group only trails group #3 by about 5,000 members. It has just over 3 million members.


5.      Join this group and get YOUR NAME in the Guinness Book of Records!

   This group has close to 3 million members but trails group #4 by over 100,000 members.


These are the top five biggest Facebook groups that can be verified. As I mentioned earlier, many of the heavyweights are missing from the list since for some reason they cannot be found. The known links to those groups are broken and the great multiplicity of copycat groups do not help the situation. There are a few reasons for the apparent disappearance of such big groups. Some very big Facebook groups have either:

(1)   Changed their name

(2)   Been deleted

(3)   Been shut down by Facebook (for violation of terms of service)

(4)   Or become secret groups and therefore will not show up in searches.

The ones I could not verify due to their broken links are:

1.      Six Degrees Of Separation |? The LARGEST Group On Facebook ?

The last known data for this group is that they had just over 6 million members. It would have been #2. Say you are the largest group and you just might become the largest group.

Wikipedia speaks of a group with the same name that was deleted. I cannot say with certainty that it is the same group but you can see the article here:


2.      Largest Facebook group ever! We need 9,000,000 members to break a world rec

This group had just over 5.5 million members. This group said that it is the largest Facebook group ever but it was not. It would have been #3 and in that respect it comes close. But then again it was off the mark by about 1 million members! 

3.      We Will Not Pay To Use Facebook. We Are Gone If This Happens

This group had close to 5.5 million members. I guess there is often nothing like dissent to make people rally to a cause. This group had the same name as the #3 group in the first list.


4.      Largest Facebook group ever! We need 9,999,998 members to break a world record.

This group had just under 5.5 million members. This group had a name very similar to the #2 Facebook group in the second list of former heavyweights. It is not that far off from it either. Although about 200,000 off at present groups often grow at an alarming rate. Does this mean that if you brag about your group being the biggest you have a good chance of luring people to be a part of greatness? It does not always work. I know of four Facebook groups named “Biggest Facebook Group” and their membership ranges from 144 to 200 members!


5.      Feed a Child with just a Click!

This group had just over 4.5 million members. This Facebook group has a name identical to the #1 group, the only difference being the inclusion of an exclamation mark! There is a multiplicity of Facebook groups with this same name. In fact, many of the top Facebook groups have almost identical names.

6.      Dislike Button™ is Finally Here! Add it Now!

This group had just over 3 million members. What a paradox! Many like to dislike.

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