The New “Timeline” of Facebook is Now Available Worldwide

Thu, Dec 15, 2011, by ginav19

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To enable you access click "get my biography." It will be publicly visible in seven days.

Facebook users around the world can see what it will feel to their social network accounts to design the new “timeline” that from now its available.

With the “timeline” or “biography”, the wall becomes a series of two columns with different sizes depending on the size, the page is headed by a “cover photo” selected by the user and the ability to customize, and with whom we share, is more present than ever.

But the change goes further and reaches even to the past: the new profile timeline begins on the date of birth of the user, who can fill the “blanks” on his life until the time of the photos posted on Facebook , videos and status updates.

The company said in a statement that Facebook users will receive notification in your profile to implement the new “timeline” and have a period of seven days to organize your contacts before you see it.

“The” timeline “gives you an easy way to rediscover the things you’ve shared your most important moments together. It also allows you to share new experiences, like the music you play or how many miles you run, “stated the company.

This “timeline” will replace the current profile of user activity, but Facebook says its introduction does not lead to the disappearance of any kind of content.

In the new “biography” you can choose which images and events are highlighted either hidden or deleted.

You may acces to configure the timeline by clicking this TIMELINE

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