The Formula for Success: Publishing with Both Triond and Publishus

Want to maximize the exposure for your writing online and make more in the process? This article shows you how in working with Triond and PublishUs.

If you are writing online for ExpertsColumn, eHow, DigitalJournal or a variety of other outlets, you should be aware of the opportunity to publish your work through both Triond and PublishUs.

With Triond, you have multiple outlets – online journals – in which you can publish your writing. In fact, Triond offers over a dozen outlets to fit whatever you are interest in, including:

  • Triond
  • Authspot
  • BeyondJane
  • Bizcovering
  • Bookstove
  • Cinemaroll
  • Computersight
  • Gameolosophy
  • Gomestic
  • Healthmad
  • Musicouch
  • Newsflavor
  • Notecook
  • Picable
  • PurpleSlinky
  • Quazen
  • Relijournal
  • Scienceray
  • Socyberty
  • Sportales
  • Telewatcher
  • Trifter
  • Webupon
  • Writinghood
  • You will find that Triond has an extremely user-friendly interface, one that enables both a quick submission and a finished product that can be easily matched with keywords and graphics. They have a good approach to SEO, and with AdSense integration, you can gain far more exposure – and make far more income – than writing on your own blog or website.

    So, the first thing that you should do is register with Triond and explore publishing your work in their various online venues. To do so, use this link:

    Now, after you have published your work on Triond, you still have full rights to republish your work. What I would suggest is that you use a new online publisher, PublishUs. It has a user-friendly interface – on par with Triond’s – that will allow you to quickly resubmit your Triond-published works on their site. PublishUs has a very straight-forward payment system that is “pay per view,” and while it does not offer a revenue split for AdSense on the site, it is possible you will earn more from your PublishUs republications than from any other site on the Web.

    So, your next step should be to register to publish on PublishUs, which you can do by following this link:

    All in all, I believe you will find a great synergy in publishing on both sites. And if you are persistent and publicize your work using social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, you will quickly find that your writing will gain more exposure – and bring you more income – than ever before. Join me in working with this formula for success!

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