Social Sites Are Not Perfect

Thu, Feb 21, 2013, by youmakemyday

Social Networks

A realistic outlook to the popular social media.

What Makes A Big Difference Between Social Sites?

The main purpose of all social sites on the Internet is to connect people. Facebook connects people who already know each other. There has been a tendency not to accept a person if you don`t have mutual friends as that person might have a fake account. Therefore, I think trying to make new friends on Facebook would be a waste of time. Children should not be allowed to open an account and ironically Facebook is the most popular among children. They are lying about their age. They are accepting all friend invitations whether they know people or not so that they would look more popular and so that more people would admire their photos. Sadly, the greed for popularity and the addiction to be liked at any cost has spread among the mature population to a great extent. When they spot mutual friends they add them endlessly to what can be called a huge galery of half-strangers rather tnan a  frend list. Online games for children are ironically more popular among adult members of Facebook. I appreciate other Facebook features such as being able to connect globally and being able to reunite with people or relatives you lost contact with long ago. Most users can be found by their real names and contain other genuine information which is a good thing when you have doubts about someone. Advertising on Facebook is taken seriously and Facebook provides so much information. It is very interactive. It is very up-to-date and chat is always welcome.

This also accounts for dating sites, chat is a very important feature. It is very important for social sites to show which members are online in real time because if they don`t members lose interest in coming back. Modern people prefer to discover how their friends are spontaneously. They don`t believe in some ready-made essays posted about people they want to meet. The most popular dating site at the moment seems to be Badoo. The concept of the site is brilliant. However, I hear that the majority of users are already in a relationship looking for additional excitement (read – adultery) and that there are those who are not really looking for a date – they are just bored at work. Therefore, don`t judge a book by the cover. My experience was very interesting on BearShare where you can chose from downloading music, contacting other music fans worldwide to browsing members interested in dating. Most dating sites require paid membership for unlimited and best performance. On the above mentioned you can do just fine without paying.

Twitter is not about showing off and although it incites you to have as many followers as possible it is not about fake popularity. It is about sharing information and relevant updates. There are specific fields of interest that unite members of a flock. Both Twitter and FriendFeed are good places to spread the news about your business, hobby or art and be “more than liked”! On such places people actually read what you write and take you seriously.

What ever your idea of a useful social site may be, I am sure you will find the right one on the Internet, but promise me something – please make sure you meet some of your virtual friends in person. Don`t lose touch with the reality.

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