Social Networking in the Business World

Sun, May 31, 2009, by poppythe77

Social Networks

The ups and downs of social networking in the business world.

Social networking has undergone a revolutionary turnaround in the last five years. Such has been its power and reach that business, large and small, have leapt into the arena of “being social.” Web 2.0 too has ushered in with the latest trends in design and development which appears to swarm in millions of innovative websites.

Designing of community web portals requires leveraging knowledge and usage of well-tested designs which are appealing enough to promote interaction and access to targeted users.

The Web 2.0 has impacted the look and feel of websites with a pastel color-appearance, embossed 3D buttons, large captions, all rendering into a visually striking and appealing technique. Here are some important points how social networking websites have impacted the business world:

  • These types of websites offer low-cost connections to various businesses and to keep updated about upcoming entrepreneurs.
  • Social networking sites are pivotal in customer relationship management
  • Additionally, community portals which are custom-built serve as an effective platform for garnering publicity.
  • A comprehensive listing of virtual business communities for promoting business proactively.
  • Enabling clients to getting to know the company and form mutual associations through social networking tools and ideas.
  • Enabling the posting of publicity videos, and content aimed to capture the interest of the prospective clients.
  • Posting of company blogs which helps to update company achievements and research in the relevant industry on a daily or weekly basis.

Nowadays, demand has been sky-high of various companies to organizations for the creation of social networks within their core team of members for different activities. There are also many websites like which help users create their own custom social network with the use of its online social network development software. Some of the common features of most of the social networks are:

  • A personal user profile.
  • Admin console for control
  • Different types of search features
  • Innovative forums and relevant groups
  • Music download and upload features (online media player features)
  • Videos (uploading and downloading) along with embedding of other videos.
  • Pictures supporting most of the widely used file formats
  • Blogs for self expression

Social networking website development has resulted in positive response from many companies, and even mini-blogs like Twitter are performing exceptionally well. Most of the social network application development tries to promote services of the companies and make its targeted audience about their own existence.

There are many offshore social networking design and development companies which offer social community creation solutions to different companies, replete with innovative features and provide the demarcating edge which every company wants.

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