Social Media Exposed

Thu, Sep 20, 2012, by Joshua McDonald

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This article talks about how much social media takes place in today’s society, I use a personal reflection to show how it has and will always influence my life. This is a great article for anyone that wants to see more of the thought process behind the social world.

Social Media Exposed

The day I got a Facebook; I excitedly hopped on and the status box prompts me with a caption that says “What’s on your mind?” What should I say? What is on my mind? Should I be honest on Facebook? These few questions started the beginning of me being exposed to social media.

Social media: the inevitable culture of communication that society could not partake of that could not be resisted. Social media is defined as a noun (usually used with a plural verb) “Computers, web sites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts.”  A major struggle within society is insecurity and phoniness among Americans. People have a hard time defining themselves truthfully and living up to such truths. I know personally I struggle with living up to those certain adjectives that best describe me, I tend to lean towards the favorites; adorable, compassionate, handsome, wealthy, humble. Truly though on a serious note if I had to pick three they would be enthusiastic, thankful, and peaceful. I believe these best describe me due to past events and mistakes by which I have learned and strived to grow into more of a man. A man once said “I’m at peace with my past because it has made me who I am today.  All my yesterdays, last weeks and last years have prepared me for all the tomorrows and next months and next years.”

            Social media was defined as “Web sites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social communication.” Though I continue to think about how the word communication and social media do not align or correspond. Can we really call adding thousands of friends to our “friend list” communication? Or what about verbal and photograph abuse towards other people we are in contact with in online social sites. For myself I have a Facebook, and Twitter, and when I first got into the “Online colt” I strived to jump in with the stereotypical competition… how many friends I could get, how often could I update my status, or how much information could I display about myself and my life. Then slowly but surely I began to realize or better yet have a self-evaluation of how I represented myself online. After time of observation with a critiquing perspective I found out to realize I wasn’t truly showing my heart or personality. Evidence of this is the status box that has a prompt statement “What’s on your mind.” so many times people do not truly type what they are thinking or what their fear is at that moment and time. So after noticing this I began to become more truthful and transparent to my social media followers.However I continue to see that other people have not caught on to the same revelation as I have about online transparency between both worlds of social communication.  What is it that people are so insecure and feel the need to be a different person online rather than themselves?

            Growing up I was raised outside of social media norms, my family did not allow my sister and I to have a Facebook until we turned a certain age. But due to time of creative persuasion I convinced my mom to let us have a Facebook. Nevertheless the only limitation to my online life was that my parents would lovingly have to be connected to my online profile. This makes a difference, because it keeps me accountable to who I truly am; but more importantly who I am in Christ.

            Overall my life comes to the definition of those three adjectives, and through that I will continue to strive to communicate effectively to everyone I come into contact with. Whether it be in person or over a social media web site, I will always show the love of Christ and strive to be transparent in every aspects of my life, whether it’s answering the question “what’s on your mind?” or sharing my faith I will cling to the lessons that I have learned through my revelation of social media being exposed.

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