Sleeping with Sirens Breaking Up?

Mon, Mar 25, 2013, by Lyrics to a Song

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Rumors are circling on twitter and facebook that the American post-hardcore band from Orlando, "Sleeping with Sirens" might break up. The band formed in 2009, and with My Chemical Romance just breaking up: fans are worried about loosing another band.

Are they Breaking up?

People are really getting worked up about this rumour, not sure where it started or how many people have heard it. But it has caused my twitter to be spammed by upset fans all night, and I continue to see retweet after retweet of people talking about Sleeping with Sirens.


They are not breaking up. It was a rumour started by someone, most likely on twitter. With all the fuss caused by the “My Chemical Romance” break up, fans are on edge and this made them an easy target to this rumour.

Nope! Straight from Kellin Quinn’s Twitter, he says that “I think it’s funny that there is always a rumor of our band breaking up.. Not anytime soon.”

Sleeping with Sirens is safe, and have stated that they will not be breaking up after warped tour.

Their latest facebook post included:

Are we breaking up? #killtherumor

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