Should Triond Raise Itself Up to The Social Media Status?

Sun, Sep 9, 2012, by Kai Vicky

Social Networks

Would Triond be good in the form of Social Networking site cum earnings site?

Should Triond raise itself up to the ‘Social Media’ status?

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg, StumbleUpon, Orkut, Yahoo, etc have been some sites were social media has been on a high for the past few years. Facebook and Twitter have especially more that billion users on it who chat, message, share photos, videos, share their status, use various apps, and make lot of friends. I can go on and on all day.

Cutting the chase, I come to my point. Triond: I would like to say it as the ‘Facebook’ for earning money online. We all are aware of the pros and cons Triond provides us. So ‘social media’ i.e. friends interaction, well Triond gives that facility to add friends and message them. But then, I once read in an article where a guy said that Triond should have chat rooms. Well, for the users of Triond it would be very nice for some Group Discussions and all, debate over some things and learn a lot from our fellow friends. And also since 2007, Triond hasn’t changed its look. Well I have no problem with the current ones, but certainly we can try a change.

Starters are over, now it time for the main course. Triond as Social Media, would it be good? The only good thing is mentioned above i.e. chat rooms. To be honest, I wouldn’t like millions of people coming on what already is an ‘Overpopulated Nation’. Imagine Triond as Facebook guys. The status you feel are stupid, well on Triond instead of status, it would be articles. More articles to read, more to view and comment for, more time consuming, and obviously our already fallen ‘value’ of Triond articles will get lower in the networking world.

Already we have to struggle with some people who are just here to earn, write a bunch of crap or plagiarized contents, their writings have no meaning, and ultimately our time is wasted reading them. So if more people load up on the overcrowded bus, the bus will tumble down.

If not chat rooms, we certainly have ‘Comment’ rooms. Let’s make this our G.D place. I’m on the side of ‘Triond shouldn’t become a social networking cum earning site.’ With me or against me, all are welcome to give their precious views.

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  1. Jswana Says:

    No, it should not be a Social Media whatsoever. It is meant for writing and sharing to some Social Medias where some friends are. It once had a “Lounge” or Chat Room. I never visited it when I was here before but many did. those can get out of hand as well. I like the simplicity of Triond, even though getting the articles out are a little more challenging. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Jasonwriter Says:

    I think it shouldn’t. There are already so many social networks out there, and a lot of them are small and unknown. I think Triond would just fail like Myspace ( I know it was big at the beginning, but now it’s gone so far down I think it can smell Hell).

  3. Kharla Jolly Says:

    When Triond integrated this website with Facebook, it was a big mess! Those Social Media Websites are a big rat race, exposing to high heaven the personal detail about everyone. There isn’t an ounce of privacy, nor is it a good place to better our writing skills.

  4. Jswana Says:

    Just wanted to add, I don’t even post to Facebook anymore as I wrote earlier. Why bother? Folks are so used to all the baloney and gossip and stupid statuses. I would run if this would become Social. Facebook probably has it’s duration days numbered too!

  5. Kristie Claar Says:

    I too like the simplicity of Triond. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Martin Kloess Says:

    very good – thank you

  7. smokychristine Says:

    I think I would become ill if this turned into a social media project. Triond is special.

  8. shefaliarora Says:

    I think it shouldn’t. There are already so many social networks out there, and a lot of them are small and unknown.

  9. gaby7 Says:

    As it is, triond is good enough to me! You can almost do anything here, which makes it a great site!

  10. septana Says:

    writing is very good and beneficial to share

  11. Tiki33 Says:

    You sure kept it real. Thanks for sharing!

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