Sexy Venom Photo: Banned on Facebook

Wed, Aug 1, 2012, by Cloudx808

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(Written by Francis Bayog)

Even the most amazing photos posted on Facebook could be taken away by the Facebook moderators, but who cares? 

Adam Jay’s brilliant photography of Freddie Nova’s mind-blowing Venom cosplay should have not been restricted to the audience that appreciates its power. The photo achieved approximately around 15,000 Likes and 5,000 Shares within a day! Amazing!

Here is the excellent photo that got banned:

(Photo by Adam Jay; model: Freddie Nova)

Check out Alan Jay’s other superhero photos at his Facebook page-

Here’s what Aldam Jay has to say about the background of the photoshoot: 

“Also the background on the shoot was to create an awesome visual through Liquid Latex, something that could realistically recreate the symbiotic. Carlos Blanchard came up with the idea.”

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  1. qncai Says:

    Thank for share

  2. Ray Says:

    THAT got banned?!?!?!? People need to SERIOUSLY lighten up!

  3. Nxwtypx Says:

    That captures what the symbiote does pretty well.

  4. Marc from Resurrection Comics Says:

    It’s rediculous – it’s a fabulous picture, well staged, portraying the symbiote as we (the comic-reading public) would expect to see if it was bonding and… Yes, the image is sexy, certainly not porn – and there ARE pictures posted on FB which are. Someone in FB admin should take a long hard look in the mirror and rethink that decision… Marc, Resurrection Comics

  5. ella Says:

    its an art. Its not a porno . Its genuine art. If you view carefully its totally perfect. Try to review for it. If you never been a good artist maybe you may say its a porno. There\\\’s no malice in the photo.

  6. pruelpo Says:

    So Facebook could not understand what is really ARTS all about. What they liked those fucking intercourse on videos!!!

  7. Thuthukile Urania Mkhize Says:

    That got banned ! Facebook should check people’s profile pictures!

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