Profile Spy Scam. Facebook Users Beware

Sun, Aug 29, 2010, by Jaison

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Profile spy is a scam. If you get an invitation to add the facebook application called profile spy, don’t join it.

Profile Spy. The new Facebook scam

Profile spy is a scam. If you get an invitation to add the facebook application called profile spy, don’t join it.

What is Profile spy?

Facebook Profile spy is a facebook application which lures the users into a premium mobile service by promising them that they can view information about all the people who visited your facebook profile when you were not logged in to face book.

What is the real deal with profile spy?

This sounds like an interesting feature to have but make no mistake, it is a scam. I went into the so called profile spy application and one of the things they will ask you to disable your ad-blocking programs. It spreads like a virus and scams your friends profile also.

What are the ways through which you will get a profile spy invite?

Profile spy can come through various ways. I personally saw this through a blog. Clicked on the link and in no time I was redirected to another site. I closed the browser immediatly.  It might also come to you as a facebook message which will read something like this

” OMG OMG OMG… I can’t believe this actually works! Now you really can see who views your profile!!! WOAH ?”

This will take you to an external site which looks exactly like facebook. Users are also told that in order to sign-up for the Profile Spy application they need to like and share the page. When you do that, it spreads to other profiles.

The real fact behind Profile spy and any such Facebook application

Everyone should be advised that Facebook does not have any feature which allows viewing profile visitors when this article is being written. You should keep in mind that subscribing such application would be a serious breach to your privacy and your friends privacy also. Any application or article which claims about a facebook application like profile spy is a scam.

Side note

Please share with us any scams which you have come across to warn other readers.

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  1. valli Says:

    This information is useful to me. Thanks for your warning.

  2. akira14 Says:

    i never trust any sites or any invitations unless im familiar to it, the best way is to search and know more about and gather information to avoid scam!

  3. Sweety Says:

    Took the pain to explain a lot about the scam.

  4. PaulB Says:

    Sadly I still see some of my friends use this type of thing, but they will Not be warned! Another nasty is a My Relations application which I am convinced wiped my PC for me after giving lots of false virus warnings (with false fixes). Then there is one giving pictures of friends who have visited you… ugh. Good article.

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