Pope Opens a Personal Account on Twitter – and Tweets!

Sat, Feb 25, 2012, by Ixodoi

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What if God was one of us? ask a famous song from the nineties. The answer is, apparently he would have being tweeting in Twitter. Will the most sarcastic arena in the network receives the love messages of the Vatican?

Due to the Lent (A Christian fasting), the Vatican Council which is responsible for contact with the public was looking for a creative way to arouse the attention of the faithful, and chose Twitter as a means to do so. The Council decided that in the duration of fasting the the Pope will tweet on a daily basis, hoping that hundreds of millions of believer users will deliver the message to other people that are not so connected to religion.

Vatican Radio website says that everyone has a way to specify the Lent in his own way, “However in a society that is becoming secular, many young people do not keep Lent (…) Therefore, the Council responsible to link with the public decided about a new idea (…) Is this just a technological gimmick designed to simplify the messages of the church? not at all. many of the ideas are easily hymns in 140 characters “.

According to the Los Angeles Times report the tweets appear in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese, and users can be exposed to them on the Vatican’s Twitter page, Pope2YouVatican. “It is also an attempt for us to see the impact of such activity,” says a representative of the Vatican radio interview formatted. He adds that it is possible that the tweets will continue even after Lent, and the church sees Twitter as a possible channel for communicating andshare messages from the Pope with the believers.

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    interesting , I didn’t no about it ^-^

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    Interesting approach. I wonder if it works. Thanks for telling us about it.

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    This is interesting..

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    ooohhh surprising but very interesting article thanks.

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    Well, well, well! Even he pope is moving into the twenty-first century! Wonder if I should follow him! haha…

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    Intriguing definitely!

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    Ha ha ha. Funny. I loved it!

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