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Tue, Sep 4, 2012, by camily

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This formula is the core of a new social network which is very unique as compared to existing networks. Unlike other social networks, it authenticates the lead or the person who has been referred. The lead or prospective member is not supposed to go directly to the website and sign in but instead call the person who invited them to sign them in. This way one will be following the matrix of geometric progression so as to maximise on profits.

This phenomenal crazygood social network system has phenomenal characteristics which include a private kind of gated community, to become a member you have to be referred, no compromise on own intellectual property, it is neither is sold or leased and one maintains their full rights of contents like photographs, contents, contacts and media among others, unlike other social networks like Facebook, your privacy and confidentiality is maintained. 

Facebook, which started in 1994, has over five hundred million users and is worth fifty one billion dollars. On its privacy policy, it tells users that their intellectual property can be used in any way Facebook deems apt. Personal contacts for example are sold for marketing purposes and the proceeds are not passed to the user. Facebook makes money through advertisements, user content, photos and user’s information. It has been popularised by the word of mouth. It is very interesting to note that having a Facebook account, the number of friends in your profile can make a difference if only you are getting paid for it.

Crazygood is all about the above; it pays its members a dollar for sign up, a dollar in five circles of influence. Fifty percent of its revenue goes back to its members, ten percent to charity and members own choice. A paltry forty per cent goes to crazygood maintenance for growth. To see how this works, you can visit the crazy good website and scroll down to commission work sheet, this is the forecast work sheet. This is a referral programme which you are paid by just referring customers. Companies like Best Buy, Wal-Matt, Target as well as your bank have affiliate programmes which benefit their customers.

The principle of Crazygood is, if you have ten friends like on Facebook, they would like to be paid and dollar each and in turn help other ten to get paid a dollar each. This is the workings of Crazygood’s commission worksheet matrix. This is not done at a go but gradually you will have referred your ten friends. This summarises the Pay It Foreward Formula and the best part of it is that churches can join for the purposes of fund raising, children aged thirteen are eligible and payments are done every thirty days. This social network has conference calls and web simulcast facilities offered seven days a week, four times a day. This depends on your time zone. For example 7am, 10am and 6pm PST, 9am,12pm, 3pm and 8pm Central, 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 9pm EST. With the help of the Pay It Foreward Formula to assist you sign up new members. 

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