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Thu, Sep 13, 2012, by GeekHelpingHand

Social Networks

Looking for video editors, social network managers, website and blog managers, bloggers and vloggers, writers…Read More.

We are always growing and reaching out to more people each and everyday. We would like to do even more to help out our online community as well as provide them with the latest and greatest news. We have many ideas and jobs available for you all. Please note that this is our first year of creating these jobs and opening them for the public. We have listed the available jobs on the left, details are provided below them, and the application form below. Once again, this is our first year, so the basically there’s no money for you through certain jobs. The jobs differ with money income and others don’t offer money at all. But, fame and glory is an award and gives you a higher chance of someone else asking for skills. This will lead you into making more money and using us as a reference. If you have any concerns or/and comments, please click here.–

  • Video-Editor:
    Must be familiar with a professional video editing software (i.e. Corel VideoStudio Pro, iMovie, Adobe Premier, Camtasia). 

    Must own a Windows-Based or/and a Mac-Based Computer that’s running the software. You don’t have to be an expert, but know the in’s and out’s of basic video-editing.

    We expect you to know how to use an online cloud program to upload and transfer videos between one another (i.e. Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Docs, etc)

    You must be available to text chat with us. You don’t have to buy a pro version of the following programs. The free version will work just as great This can be Skype and Google Chat. 

    Payout: $0 (We Provide Fame Toward Your Name)

  • Facebook Page Manager:
    Must own a personal Facebook Account. It will be connected to our Facebook Page and you will become our primary Facebook Manager.

    Must know to engage viewers with Tech and Gadget News, but still keeping their attention.

    Must be available to host giveaways and contest via Facebook Page, upload multimedia, and inform viewers about tech and gadget events.

    Payout: $0 (We Provide Reference to Your Application)

  • Website Manager:
    Must be responsible, respect, and honest when managing website, posting information, and linking websites.

    Must be available to update website anytime of day and respond to forms that are listed on website.

    Own a PayPal Account (Optional). This allows us to exchange money toward one another when needed.

    Payout: $0 (This Will Change Soon)


  • Blog/Vlog Manager:
    Must be available to post 1-3 post on a daily bases. This will go by a Monday to Friday Schedule. Weekends are optional.

    Must be available to vlog 1-2 times on a daily bases. This will go by a Monday to Friday Schedule. Weekends are optional. The vlog may be by text input or video format. 

    Must be available to manage a blog, basic skills needed. We will create a shared account to update the blog together.

    Payout: $0 (This Will Change Soon)

  • Daily Tech/Gadget Article Writer:
    Must create a Triond account. The service is free to sign up. AddGeekHelpingHand as a fan.

    Write 1-2 articles on a daily bases. This will go by a Monday to Friday Schedule. Weekends are optional.

    Payout: 100+ (This Depends On the Number of Views Received)

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