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Sun, Jun 26, 2011, by webseowriters

Social Networks

Orkut login through proxy can create various problems.

Orkut is the most famous social networking website and indeed it is also the mother idea of Facebook. A new statistic shows that approximately every 3rd user on Orkut accepts the friendship invitation from the people who does not know. This issue can uncover any fraudster sensitive information about Orkut users. This is not an official survey, but all the participants of this survey were the regular users of Orkut.

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The survey report shows that more then 60% consumers and their family friends are using social networking on their computer. In total 60% of Internet users clicking on links that are shared by others and most of these links are point to fraudulent websites with viruses and other malicious codes.

Google understand this problem very well, now they introduced a new Orkut login system. This new login system is preventing Orkut users to become victims of identity theft or misuse, because in old login system, almost 35% of regular users had problems with infections on their computer.

These are truly alarming figures, so you should pay close attention toward your computer security. Also do not login your Orkut, Facebook or Twitter account by using an proxy service.

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