Morgan Freeman is Not The Only One Alive and Well

Sun, Sep 9, 2012, by Jswana

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I have narrowed down my visits to Facebook to the point that no one knows I am ever around and relate to only certain people.  I know that I will be leaving soon.  I no longer post there because except for my faithfuls (who I will allow to see the articles) people are too busy liking and asking you to LIKE these fake death statuses. 

Morgan Freeman, of course is alive and well and so is Alfonso Ribeiro.  When you see these six figures of LIKES  you know that there is profit in these Rumors of Death and it is not funny or amusing to me to have people so desperate that they will post such statuses.  A very responsible (I thought)  person has this as her status “R.I.P. Carlton Banks” from early yesterday.  I started to write about it then, September 8th but I thought better about it.   He joins in with Morgan Freeman, Reese Witherspoon of August and so many others. Only thing, Carlton Banks is his character’s name only in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Society has to be desperate, but I have heard loosely that Facebook is loosing in Stocks.  How that is translated or how it impacts this Social Media, seems to be that they are upping the ante on Ads.  The only way that we can send a message is to never click on a like for anything.  It’s quite cheap.

The ironic part is that Alfonso Ribeiro is that cute kid  that  did a Coca Cola Commercial with Michael Jackson back in the early to Mid 80s.  He was so cute and then I thought he looked just like Michael and boy could he dance.  He was also  of that “Break Dance” Era.  A rumor abounded that he had died in an accident and from my memory (this coming from the East Coast), it was a 5th Grade Teacher that put out the Rumor of his death to prevent her students from doing what she felt was a body compromising dance, this Break Dance thing.  News wasn’t like it is today…….you had to wait for the News, or buy a Paper and still actually hope that you found more information.  Or if you were desperate, maybe you read  one of those Sleazy Newspapers that you read while waiting in line at the Super Market but never bought.  But we girls were sad in the office of hearing that little Alfonso was no longer with us but were relieved when it slowly leaked out to us that it was a well-meaning lie told by a Teacher.  To prove it was a Rumor, he appeared later and lovingly on The Fresh Prince”.

To show how weak these  reports are on Facebook, it says “R.i.P.” Carton Banks.  The author of this mess either didn’t know his actual name or cleverly put it out there because in these days of speed reading and writing who cares?  Well, I do.  I would not click on a like for anything because Facebook represents an Electronic Mill House of greed and fantasy.  Where is Farmville now? Um. :(

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    Its great to know about this…The media confusing all the peoples…Thanks…

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    Very informative, great article !!

  3. Kai Vicky Says:

    Ever since coming here on Triond, I hardly visit facebook. Now the world of facebook seems much boring and stupid. I’d much rather love to be here on triond, with all my friends. Nice article.

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    pls delete the previous comment, excellent write up thanks

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    writing is very good and beneficial to share

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