Malaysia to Join Other Countries That Banned Facebook

Tue, Dec 7, 2010, by UmiNoor

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Facebook has over five hundred million members; half of which logs in every day. It’s becoming the most visited website on the internet and the most popular social networking website online. Despite its popularity, there are a few countries that banned Facebook for one reason or another.

Malaysia would probably join the many other countries that banned Facebook because according to an UMNO (United Malays National Organization) Supreme Council member, Datuk Seri Dr Shahidan Kassim, Facebook has been used as a platform to bash Islam and political figures in Malaysia. He claimed that this misuse of Facebook would pose serious internal security problems within Malaysia.

This move would certainly cause quite an outcry because Facebook is the most popular social networking website in Malaysia. Everywhere I go, whether it’s at the mall or a cyber cafe, I can see people logging into their Facebook account.

Facebook has been blocked at many workplaces in Malaysia but if the employees bring their own laptop and has a mobile internet connection, they’re still able to log into Facebook. This does cause some serious problems at workplaces where employees are busy updating their status on Facebook.

Facebook has no moderator and that is part of the problem. Members can pose hate pages which bash other people and religions. The religion that seems to be the brunt of most bashing seems to be Islam and that is why countries like Pakistan, Syria, Iran,Uzbekistan and Bangladesh which are Islamic states have banned Facebook. The People’s Republic of China and Vietnam too have joined these countries that banned Facebook and soon Malaysia too might be joining the list.

Unless Facebook takes action to control their website from being a platform to encourage irresponsible bashing, I think a lot more countries will joined these countries that banned Facebook.

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  1. Appygudu Says:

    You did not mentioned Dubai is also one of the countries who blocked FACEBOOK.

  2. UmiNoor Says:

    Thank you for your info, apoorva. Please list other countries too that banned Facebook in the comment section.

  3. SharifaMcFarlane Says:

    Maybe Facebook needs moderators.

  4. Erin Miller Says:

    You forget one thing about facebook. It was made in a country where one of the rights is free speech. While I don’t agree with bashing ever, I also don’t agree with blocking social networking sites.

  5. Citra Florenca Says:

    Well, it’s not facebook’s fault, it’s the user’s. I personally think that the way to handle this problem is to make the user responsible for his/her act.

    Banning facebook is just like burning the whole field because there’s a rat in it.

    Well, yes, Facebook has moderator, there’s a report button on every fan page or group. If you find any of them offensive, all you need to do is to push the button.

    I don’t agree with banning social networking site either.

    Very informative article, UmiNoor

  6. shobhana Says:

    One shouldn’t cut the nose to spite the face. Hate propaganda is everywhere. It’s not just in FB. Hitler had a hate philosophy based on race. He considered the Jews as an inferior race. Saddam Hussein persecuted the Shiites. So what is this uproar over FB?

  7. Doowangle Says:

    Are you nuts? Unless facebook takes action?! The thing all these countries have in common is oppression. If you shut people up and punish them for speaking out against something they disagree with in the real world, they will turn to the internet to post how they really feel. Rather than insisting places heed to oppressive, censored countries, how about the countries heed to the wants of the people. Dismissing all opposition as ‘hate speech’ is a common tactic of oppressive leaders throughout history. Wake up, its 2011

  8. John Says:

    Doowangle is correct. Every religion, ethnic group, etc will be “bashed”, it’s just reality.

    Plenty of people bash jews. . .does israel ban facebook?

    Do Buddhist countries try to stop voices online?

    Muslims seem particularly sensitive to words. Killing cartoonists? Come on, let’s all take a deep breath & allow each other to express our opinions. Difference of opinion is one of the things that helps us all learn & grow. Closing our ears certainly doesn’t make us wiser.

  9. Taufeeq Elahi Diju Says:

    and ya i do welcome the ban on facebook. I think malaysias would benift from it by working more hard and playing less farm ville and cultivating their VIRTUAL crops.

    I think people here should put religion aside and out of the discussion coz it ends up bad that way.

  10. Mariya Says:


    My life has been destroyed because of it…

  11. notcar99 Says:

    I think it depends on users.If we use the correct way,the good things,there\’s nothing to be complained.Problem is it has been misused..

  12. Ayman Says:


    100% agree,,,moreover i WISH that my government blocks the fb too.

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