How to Work Online and Make Money Doing Freelance Work

Tue, Feb 1, 2011, by jamed28

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Hate your boss? Are you tied up at home? Why not work online and make money doing freelance work? Here are some tips on how are you going to do that.

Internet is connecting people all over the world. And there are lots of people online that are looking for freelance workers who can do some works/jobs for them.  Like for example designing a web site, writing articles and reviews, data entry, uploading images and videos, editing images and videos, selling products, advertising products, programming, doing office works using office softwares like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Access, etc. You won’t believe it, but even the simplest job of inviting friends to “like” a picture in Facebook, or “tweet” an article in Twitter, can earn you money online. All you need is knowledge on how these jobs/works are done and how will you earn doing this jobs.

Here are some guidelines on how to work online and make money doing freelance work:

1. Learn the things that you can DO. It is important that you should know the things that you can do. Well this is because you don’t want to do some freelance work that you are not capable of doing. If you know how to write articles and reviews then apply for this jobs. If you know how to use MS Office software then do the same. You don’t need to be expert on doing something since there are lots of available jobs online that only requires freelance workers who can simply do simple task. But then of course if you are good or expert in doing something like programming or web designing then it is an advantage.

2. Look for legitimate sites or people who offer legitimate freelance jobs online. It is very important that you should know first if the person of websites that are offering freelance jobs are elite, legitimate and paying. You don’t want to waste your time and effort doing such things without a pay of course. It is quite easy to find such sites. There are popular sites that offers freelance jobs online and they are easy to find. One for example is Odesk (learn how Odesk works click here). Odesk is a site that offer freelance jobs for freelance workers, at the same time offers contractors, who are looking for freelance workers, to post their freelance jobs on their site. Odesk make it simpler for contractors and freelance workers to meet. I highly recommend this site, since the site had a proven good track record when it comes to paying its freelance workers. When contractors post their job in Odesk, they already charge the contractors so that they cannot run away without paying the freelance workers. By this way the site protect their credibility to both contractors and freelance workers. (I suggest you learn how Odesk work first before joining the site)

3. Learn more and earn more. Learning new things can increase your earning in freelance jobs. Now that you know the things that you can do, why not study other things so you can also apply on other freelance work. Doing basic freelance work can earn you $10 – $50 a day. But learning more and enhancing your skills will definitely increase your earning.

Making money online is never easy. It takes lots of time and effort before you can even reach $10.00 a day. But if you will focus on doing freelance work, then you can earn $10.00 a day starting today.


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