How to Use Twitter to Increase Your Traffic

Wed, Mar 30, 2011, by wwkeen

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Twitter is a social networking sites where you can share your interests with other people. It act pretty much similar like Facebook but more simple to interest by posting microblogging with shorten URL links.

Are you searching ways to get more followers on Twitter? Struggling on how to use Twitter to marketing your websites? Keep on reading below article and find out how you can use Twitter to open traffic floodgate to your site, blog posts and businesses.

Before you open your Twitter account, have a quick look on how Twitter can benefit you. Below are few ways that you can get the most out from Twitter to increase traffic on your blog, online articles and sites for free.

1. Tweet Follow by a shorten URL link.  You can post online articles, blog post, websites or even products in to Twitter and you can have lots of visitors and follower traffic flow into your blog or site. Twitter not just a social networking site but you can maximize it benefit to a free marketing tool where you can find new readers and targeted traffic that revisit your post, blog and site.

2. Twitter is more toward communication than consevative distance advertisement. When you write articles, post or site to promote certain product, you’re removed from your customer. But on Twitter, you able to communicate with them directly through conversation. You have more opportunity to interact with your audience and show your personality to your followers. Your customers and audience will have more confident with your work or writing and automatically will increase more traffic over time.

3. Develop and advertise your own brand. There are millions of Twitter users and how you can stand out from the rest? You need to build up own personality and unique character where people can give you a good reputation for identification. Besides, your niche need to be special and unique that can extend these differences among the rest in Twitter posts. Target your personal and approach it and reflect it on your Twitter posts.

4. Research for same interest followers. Find people who are same interest/niche with you and understand their needs. You will get ideas on your post when you did enough homeworks.

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