How to Tell If Your Facebook Friend Request Was Denied

Sat, Dec 4, 2010, by Jennifer Marre

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There are several ways to figure out the reason that you are not yet FaceBook friends with the person you added.

You have probably found the FaceBook profile of someone you know (or possibly someone you don’t know, but would like to) and sent them a friend request, only to never hear back from them. This can be frustrating, especially if you are waiting for that friend confirmation notification. You might be wondering if they denied your request, haven’t decided whether or not to accept you yet, or simply haven’t logged onto FaceBook since you sent the request.

There are several ways to figure out the reason that you are not yet FaceBook friends with the person you added.

If they just haven’t confirmed you yet, you can find out just by looking at their profile. There will be a message saying “awaiting friend confirmation” where the “add as friend” button usually is.

Depending on their privacy settings, you can check their wall from the “wall” tab to see if they have posted anything since you sent the request. This will tell you if they have been active on FaceBook or not. If there aren’t any recent updates, they probably just haven’t seen your friend request yet.

If there are recent updates, you can see that they have been on FaceBook, but haven’t accepted or denied you yet. Some people let friend requests hang around for a while before responding. Sometimes you will even see their status updates on your newsfeed while your friend request us still pending, depending on their privacy settings.

If they hit the “ignore” button to deny your request, you can also find out simply by looking at their profile. If they “ignored” it, the “add as friend” button will be back. However, it wouldn’t be wise to hit that button again, as multiple requests will probably just annoy them.

If you can’t determine the status of your friend request by looking at their profile, or if you want to know why they haven’t accepted you, the best thing you can do is contact them about it. It’s best to ask them in person (or at least over the phone) if you actually know them. If it’s just some random person you found on FaceBook, you should probably just cut your losses and move on. A lot of people don’t want to be friends with strangers. If you really want to become friends with someone you don’t already know, you should always send a message along with your friend request.

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