How to Set Photos to Public or Private on Facebook

Fri, Nov 7, 2008, by Carrie Belt

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Deciding who gets to view your photos on Facebook can help you stay safe online.

When you create an online photo album using Facebook, you always have the option to set your photos to public or private. There are two basic ways to go about determining just who gets to see your photos and who doesn’t.

Visibility Option

Review the image below. This is the main page for a new photo album. Here, you will see that you can input the name, location, and description of your photo album. Towards the bottom of this page, you will also see that there is a Visibility drop-down menu that is currently populated with the option to allow “Everyone” to view the album.

When you allow everyone to view the album, the album is essentially public. Anyone that can gain access to your profile will have the option of viewing your photos.

If you click on this drop-down menu, you will find that there are three additional visibility options, ranging in privacy from allowing everyone on your network to view your photos to allowing only your friends to view your photos.

When you allow only your friends to view your photos, you are selecting the safest, most private option when it comes to visibility. Under this option, only people that you have determined to be your friends on Facebook will be able to access the photos in your album. Therefore, if someone on Facebook is not a friend, that person will not have permission to view your photos.

While this option does provide a level of privacy, it is not the most private option available. The most private option would be to take the system one step further by choosing not to show the album in your limited profile.

Limited Profile

Facebook allows users to make their profiles limited if they do not want all of their friends to be able to view all of their Facebook activity. For example, many Facebook users use Facebook not only to keep in touch with close friends, but also to network and stay in touch with business associates.

Therefore, while you may want to share birthday party photos with your friends, you may not want your business associates to view certain party images. Therefore, Facebook allows you to decide who gets to see your limited profile.

When you accept a friend invitation from a work colleague, for example, you can decide that they can only see your limited profile, which may or may not include photos from last weekend’s party.

Facebook provides wonderful privacy options that help users determine exactly what types of people can and cannot view their photos. Therefore, Facebook users tend to feel safe about their privacy – as long as they know how to use the system to their preferences.

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