How to Search for London Insurance Jobs Through Social Media Tools

Thu, Jul 19, 2012, by ashukaushik

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The best jobs with London insurance companies are landed through word of mouth on social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The best jobs with London insurance companies are landed through word of mouth on social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. There are other sites of course, but by using the three main social media giants to build up a sizeable network, you will have a better chance of securing one of those lucrative London Insurance jobs with the biggest insurance names in London.


LinkedIn is the premier social media network used by professionals. You can build up a vast range of business contacts and keep in touch with the latest vacancies by registering with various discussion forum groups and job needed posts. But you can even be more direct than that by targeting specific companies that you are interested in working for. By connecting with them you can keep tabs on the latest job opportunities that they post.

If you are looking for a job, especially if you have just been made redundant, send an email to everyone in your LinkedIn address and ask if they can contact you with anybody in the insurance sector. You never know when job opportunities are going to arise, even if it´s just a matter of getting your foot in through the door.

LinkedIn also allows you to get noticed by contributing to forum discussions where you can show-off your knowledge and interest in all things insurance. You should also update your status on a regular basis so that people can see what you have been doing and if you have a blog set it up to automatically post to LinkedIn.


Although Facebook is generally a social networking tool for sharing news and entertainment with friends and people you know from your past, don´t underestimate its effectiveness as a tool for social networking.

Posting on walls and leaving notes are particularly effective. If you are looking for work, the best ploy is to announce your intentions and ask if anybody knows of any vacancies or knows if any of their contacts knows of any job opportunities or even other contacts in insurance. The Facebook grid is massive and you should expect to get a few leads, especially if some of your friends are former work colleagues.

Another possibility is to pay for a Facebook advertisement. These can be quite cost-effective, an example is shown in the image below:

 An example of a Facebook paid advertisement for somebody looking for work.

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As with LinkedIn keep your status updated as often as possible, post blog entries so people can see what you have been writing about and post notes as they stay in people´s line of vision for longer.


The greatest advantage of Twitter is that it allows you to legitimately connect with people that you don´t know based on similar interests. Tweeting is not the most effective method of announcing your requirement for a job however as so many tweets are delivered in a minute it will not be long before your message rolls into oblivion and there is no guarantee anybody will have read it. Consider following and sending messages to top recruitment agencies such as Idex Consulting who have a range of London insurance jobs available at any point in time.

 An example of a Twitter stream with re-tweets of somebody looking for work.

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You have however, the opportunity to send private tweets to people in your account and can connect to them directly. Use the Twitter tool “Twellow” and search the URL of companies that you would like to work for and it will bring up a list of your Twitter connections that work for that company. Send them each a quick Tweet and someone will surely point you in the right direction.


Social media tools have made it easier than ever to connect with people and charge down job leads without even having to get out of your chair and go to the shops to buy a latest job vacancies paper. Not only that, but there are thousands of people you can connect to that are in some way linked to insurance companies in London.

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