How to Make More Money with Swagbucks!

Sun, Apr 29, 2012, by IzzyInTheHouse

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A little list of how to maximise your earnings.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a website that will pay you in virtual swagbucks to do certain things on the web. They are legit and have about 4 million users (I think it is about that!). I have been using it for about a year now and have already earned around 50 pounds but that is from a lot of hard work. Swagbucks is not a get rich quick scheme and it will take time, but if you take just 10 minutes out of your day you are guaranteed to earn.

If you are not a member yet, sign up here:

  • Download the SwagBucks toolbar. Everyday you will automaticly get 1 swagbuck without doing anything!
  • Make Swagbucks your homepage and your search engine. You will randomly earn swagbucks for just searching, sometimes up to 50 swagbucks.
  • Do the daily poll. 1 swagbuck for about 10 second work, not bad!
  • Go through the NOSO (no obligation special offers). You don’t have to sign up for anything but if you go through them all you get 2 swagbucks.
  • Watch at least 10 videos a day. When you download the toolbar, SBTV (swagbucks tv) will be on it and you can simply click it and the window will pop out. You can then do whatever you normally do, be it facebook or twitter or reading blogs etc. and watch the videos. You don’t really have to watch them though, once the bar goes up 10% simply click the next one. For every 10 videos you get 3 swagbucks. There is a maximum of 75 swagbucks a day but that is a lot of videos to watch! 
  • Watch a video. Most days there will be an option, either in your mailbox or the homepage to watch a video and answer a quick question about it. You can normally earn 1-3 swagbucks from this for about a minutes work.
  • Play some games. Do you or your kids like playing games? Every 2 games you play and submit a score to you can get 2 swagbucks. There is a limit on this though.
  • Enter a daily survey. These are the big earners but take a lot more time. They are also hard to qualify for, but when they are worth 70-90 swagbucks each the wait is worth it!
  • Enter Swagcodes. If you like their facebook page they post a code daily which you can enter for more swagbucks. These do expire though so catch the code quickly!

Are you not a member yet? Sign up here:

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